Discover how to use the award winning Bakballs with Karakrista

Bakballs Workshop

learn to relieve spinal pain at home

Myofascial Release & Lumbar Spine Workshop

This workshop provides you with all you need for the self-management of your spine, to relieve spinal pain, strengthen your core, deepen your sensory body perception, balance your posture and enhance freedom of movement.


Through the sense of touch, you’ll journey inwards in a deeply meditative way as Karakrista guides you in the use 

of the practical and highly effective BakBalls* (a Physiotherapy therapeutic, treatment modality) combined with essential core training and Yoga asana for central alignment through your spine as well as mobility, strength and balance. 


You’ll leave feeling massaged from the inside out, grounded in your body, loose and light!

With the use of balls you can really feel the restricted areas of your spine and control the exact pressure you need, utilizing your breath and conscious relaxation to bring hydration, blood flow, tissue release and pain relief. Doing this systematically through the spine deeply calms your central nervous system as your energy flow is liberated through multiple acupressure points, joints and myofascial connections.

Weaved throughout the class will be a sequence of focused abdominal activation and central alignment poses that Karakrista considers essential daily practice for the maintenance of spinal health and the prevention of injury. 


You’ll also rest deeply in expansive restorative poses specifically designed to bring balance to your spine.  


BakBalls*, designed by an Australian Olympic Sports Physiotherapist, are scientifically designed to provide a therapeutic manipulative force directly onto the spin, accessing some of the most commonly painful areas and providing myofascial release. 


The balls can also be applied to other areas of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, calves, chest and shoulder girdle. 


“I love my BakBalls. I’m possibly a little addicted to them! I love the feeling of being able to ‘touch’ and stimulate my spinal muscles and joints, holding the pressure for exactly as long as I need to feel relief. I regularly spend time massaging my spine as I relax before bed. These sessions ease any aching or discomfort in my lower back or thoracic spine and I’ve often noticed the next day that I feel a greater sense of vitality in my body as if I’ve received an energy healing session. I also feel stronger and lighter on my feet as I walk through the national park.” ~ Karakrista 

"I love the sensation of the BakBalls. I feel relaxed and more flexible in the spine with so much possibility!" ~ Kaye

"I loved the whole workshop. I learnt to take it slow and embrace fluidity, breath and flow." ~ Ruth 

"The BakBalls released my pain and I gained a deeper understanding of the abdominals. I really liked the back stretch against the wall." ~ Andrew

Buy Bakballs Online
Available in Regular or Firm
$45 (includes postage)

* BakBalls ($45) will be available for purchase on the day or can be ordered in advance online or in person (so you don’t miss out). Contact Karakrista here for more information.


If you have your own BakBalls, please bring them. Alternative double balls will be provided for those without BakBalls. 

Bakballs, Core Training and Yoga with KaraKrista
Dates for 2019 coming soon
Yoga Circle, Noosaville
Only $45 - Limited to12 Places
Suitable for All Levels

What others have had to say about JOYQ Retreats and Workshops....

“Yes loved it all [the JOYQ Retreat]… the information, practice, new methods of meditation and fantastic food!!! I really got that we all have the answers within for healing … change… loved being reminded of that. Thank you.” ~ Cate Young

“I really loved it [the JOYQ Retreat]. I feel more grounded and connected to myself. I liked the aspect of bringing focus to awareness and respecting the present feeling. Kara was an amazing facilitator- her spirit and voice always touch me deeply.” ~ Kerry Leilana

“It [the JOYQ Retreat] was so spot on for me Kara. I have wanted to strengthen my awareness / inner peace for some time and I feel I’m on my way.” ~ Tara Austin

"My jewel from the day [Yoga & Posture Workshop] is the Karana Mantra, linking the chakras and elements to the physical body... amazing. I can truly feel my own posture, open, relaxed. It was enlightening." ~ Tricia Reade

“The workshop [JOYQ Meditation] was just what I needed. It’s helped me to think through some issues and become more centred. I have now been meditating every day since the workshop. I definitely recommend it as a way of getting into regular meditation.” 

~ Jennifer Marohasy

“Emerging from the workshop [JOYQ Meditation], I feel more full and connected with the realisation that my emotions are energetic signposts that guide the way to deeper learning. My most profound insight was that emotions are energy in motion so I’ll add The JoyQ Way practice to my meditation techniques. Kara spoke so well that time just flew by and it [the workshop] could have been longer.” ~ Viv Barry 

“I really enjoyed "The JOYQ Way" Workshop. I liked the process of taking the intellectual process into the body and whilst I feel more peaceful and centred now, I’ve realised that I need to learn to ‘do’ anger more effectively!” ~ Adhi Bail

"I feel energised after this workshop [Yoga & Posture], more open and expansive. I'm more mindful of my moment to moment posture and feel I now have the ability to shape my future health. As always Kara I walk from your classes uplifted to be the strongest and best version of myself. Thanks for this wonderful experience." ~ Natalie Keillor

“I loved the workshop, learnt a lot and felt very calm and happy afterwards. Karakrista did a great job facilitating. She’s extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and her communication was very clear. It was very relaxing so I’ll do my best to keep practicing. I know I need to practice a lot more meditation.” ~ Amanda Pettit

“Karakrista created a nice, soft and gentle space for "The JOYQ Way" and I found her a very warm and informative teacher. I now have more understanding of my mind/body connection and am able to acknowledge and honour how I feel more often. Staying with my emotion has allowed me to be more clear in challenging circumstances and given me the energy to move. Your notes are crystal clear. I know there is a lot of value for me in your workshop.” ~ Kaye Morris 

“The workshop has helped me change the way I feel for the better. I’m more relaxed and I learnt how to feel the energy in my body and work through my feelings. “ ~ Dot Locke

“What I got out of the workshop most was the four steps of meditation and I enjoyed the stillness, peace meditation and the information on the brain/physiology. Kara you’re a star.” ~ Gabi Riches  

“I loved the workshop. I learnt how to be at peace with myself and loved Kara as a facilitator.” ~ Keeley Jackson

"Kara was a passionate and wonderful teacher and I’d highly recommend the workshop [JOYQ Meditation] to others who’d like to learn more about their emotions and meditation.” ~ Adhi Bail

”I have been fortunate in having Karakrista as my mentor for almost a decade. Her commitment and approach to holistic health and understanding of the mind/body connection makes perfect sense and has helped to guide me at many a turn in life.” ~ Kay McLean

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