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‘THE JOYQ WAY’ to Living Stress-Easy

Hello beautiful friends, You’ve probably all heard the statement:- If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. When we’re feeling stressed and are faced with an issue or a challenge, we often try to work it out by throwing everything at it that we know from our past. We may also try so hard to resolve the issue that we build up a lot of stress and tension in the process. For a while this may work and we can carry this stress. But you may come to a time when what you know doesn’t work anymore and the stress is taking it’s toll. The good news is that there IS another way, a way forward without the stress. So next time you’re facing a challenge try this –

Stress? I get it too!

Hello beautiful friends, Some people say to me that they can’t imagine me ever being down or stressed as I’m always so vibrant, but like everyone, I have my moments and over the last few weeks there was more than one of them, to say the least. I humbly admit I lost my centre, lost my peace and joy. My awareness became clouded as my mind went into overdrive with negative thoughts, doubts and drama, trying to fix things, find the answers and well, make things happen, NOW. I had lost the flow, my trust and grace and was trying to redirect the tide! Have you ever experienced that? When you just know that you’re way off track but you can’t seem to find your way back home. Do you know too, that i