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Protein & Calcium – The ‘Rawl’ Story Part 1

Hello beautiful friends, In today’s post we have a look at the popular topics of protein and calcium and whilst we chat about food, remember, ultimately what I care about is your happiness. Your health is one of the cornerstones to your JOY. Here’s how it works:- The food you eat becomes your biochemistry. Your biochemistry equates to your physical health. Your health influences the way you feel. The way you feel has a huge effect on the thoughts circulating in your mind. And the way you think is WHO YOU ARE…. Who you share with the world...happy, productive, creative or grumpy, slothful and uninspiring! But before I go on about protein and calcium, please note, I’m not here to bag meat and

Food to Thrive By

Hello beautiful friends, Food, food, food. What can I say? It’s your mainstay to health and wellbeing in your body, in your mind and in your spirit. It’s no coincidence that yogic and spiritual traditions have for years practised very specific eating guidelines based mainly on different vegetarian diets. For millennium they have been aware that plant-based foods nurture more desirable states in both body (flexibility) and mind (calm). I for one have noticed a big difference in my body at yoga since being on so much raw food. I’m definitely more flexible, I feel stronger and my endurance has increased. Furthermore, when I’m holding poses, it’s much less of an effort to do so. IT’S JUST SO MUC

Its a Year for Passion

Hello beautiful friends, Well it’s 2013. Phew! Looking back, my 2012 was an uphill run all the way, often through fog and mud, (I learned to love fog and mud!) … racing, non-stop, from February until sometime in November, when thankfully, I reached the top of the mountain where I am now, took a deep breath and began to enjoy the view. It is so good to be here. You see last year I had a quest. Whilst establishing my new website, all the time I was asking the questions:- How can I put all that I do together into one package? What is my true purpose, the thing that I love the most, that I could stick to forever? What is it that gets me juiced up the most, that makes me excited to get out of bed