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Improve Your Health doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Hello beautiful friends, How’s the balance of action and rest in your life? And is the rest you’re getting, the best sort of rest? Do you know that the right sort of rest can literally change your genes? In today’s blog we dive deeply into what has to be the simplest and most effective way to improve your health and happiness doing a practice that is very close to my heart, DEEP REST. Harvard Medical School researchers have discovered some amazing benefits to the long-term practice of deep rest. This isn’t just any sort of rest though, so make sure you read the full story to find out the real art of doing nothing and how you can start now, as well as a link to the full article (by Food Matte

Protein & Calcium – The ‘Rawl’ Story Part 2

Hello beautiful friends, Ah, I love how the Universe works– when you focus on something, the way it delivers everything you need right into your “inbox” so to speak. You can be browsing an article, a website, a book, someone can mention some ‘one’ or some ‘thing’ to you and suddenly before your eyes, exactly the information you’re looking for springs to light. So today I have all the “light” on calcium for you. There’s the best sources, absorption factors and the causes of calcium depletion, as well as ‘to dairy or not to dairy’, the issue of supplementation and what does protein have to do with it anyway! THE INPUT Chapter THE ACID/ALKALINE OR 'PH' STORY So if you’ve been wondering…. there’