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What could you be doing to perpetuate your pain?

Hello beautiful friends, Well I thought I had it down! I thought I’d really covered Posture! I mean, I started years ago and have quite successfully (going by all the comments I receive) transformed my posture to well, pretty good. However it seems that Posture is just another piece of that proverbial string that goes on and on. So I’m really excited today to share with you two stories of how in the last 6 months I’ve successfully eased pain in two areas of my body by making simple changes to my posture. I’ve just got to say again how fascinated I am by this development considering how much body awareness is such a part of who I am. For almost 20 years I’ve practiced being aware of myself as

What is ‘The JoyQ Way’?

Hello beautiful friends, JOY, it’s something we can all relate to isn’t it? Or is it? Does uninhibited laughter bubble out of you? Do frequent attacks of smiling interrupt your day? Are you happy for no good reason? Or does a dark cloud of worry, pessimism or fear hang over you and take the zing out of your ‘happy’? There was a time when I failed the ‘JOY Test’ in psychotherapy! I sailed through ‘Crying’ with a higher distinction and blitzed ‘Angry’ but I just couldn’t convince the judges that I could do JOY! True story. You do some mad things in psychotherapy courses. Mad but revealing. I remember crying after I couldn’t ‘get’ JOY! In retrospect, too, too funny. LOL. Fast forward to now, an