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February 10, 2020

Hello beautiful friends,

I'm thrilled to be sharing a story today that highlights the amazing and often unforeseen benefits of postural awareness practice. 

Don't you love this photo? I do and it's beautifully left of field which is how my story came about today.

A story of Swimming ... sometimes accidentally!

I've always had a bit of resistance to swimming... you know the serious kind of swimming... freestyle... laps ... not the bathing in the ocean, rivers, lakes, the bath kind of swimming ... that I truly love. 

I ponder...

July 25, 2019

Hello beautiful friends,

Many times over my years as a Physio including recently, I've had clients come in to see me thinking that they've got joint problems when they've been experiencing constant or regular pain in the region of a joint. 

The two most common stories I hear are "I've got a sore shoulder" when pain presents in the upper arm. Or, "I have hip pain" when the pain is experienced in the outer thigh.

But is it the joint?

Down the Microscope

Our bodies are so complex!

December 10, 2018

"The most important Yoga"

Simon Borg-Olivier

Hello beautiful friends,

I'm inspired to share with you today, something that I hope may help you to cultivate a more committed or passionate approach to your physical and mental self-care, health and growth... get your juices flowing! Or at least keep you firmly on your path.

This transcript here and video (link below) is of the incredibly inspiring Australian yogi Simon Borg-Olivier. He speaks comprehensively yet ever so simply, describing the practices of yoga...

June 18, 2018

Hello beautiful friends,

Several years ago I recall a meditation student asking me the question - "just how do I feel my emotions?" And I regularly hear the term "listen to your body", but what does this really mean?"

Would you be surprised to hear that not only do you not just have one brain, you actually have three! Yes science recognises three brains in our body. And the very first brain, the one that is the first to evolve in the awe-inspiring process of becoming a human being in our mothers' womb, is the brain in the...

April 11, 2018

Hello beautiful friends,

I repeatedly tell my students of the "Yoga & Posture Workshop" that making small adjustments regularly to the way they sit, stand, walk and move is the best practice they can do to create the greatest transformation towards natural, balanced posture. 

You may attend regular yoga classes, go to the gym and even do the "Yoga & Posture Sequence" several times a week if you're a Workshop graduate, but if you're unaware of how your body is aligned during the day, you're likely to have some imbalanced,...

January 2, 2018

Hello beautiful friends,

As the first suns of the new year arise, I find myself in a state of calm excitement. If I wasn't calm it would be very sad, because reflecting on the year that's passed, the theme for my entire year was about relaxing into life, letting go and surrendering. I know I needed a rest, but it was so much more than just resting... 

From the first few weeks in January 2017, I felt a new energy come through, an energy that invited me to soften and be, rather than "toughen up" and do something!

As I...

July 6, 2017

Hello beautiful friends,

"It is a continual source of wonder how sinking into and yielding to his deepest level of being results

all at once in a transformation and deepening of the meaning-content of every situation in life,

as well as the possibility of his mastering it and how everything thus acquires a new perspective."

Karlfried Graf Durckheim, "The Vital Centre of Man"

It's the middle of the year and I'm excited to bring to you today's blog on the "Centre". I'm loving reading this book mentioned above. After several deca...

October 3, 2016

Hello beautiful friends,

Today's blog is all about joy (not surprisingly!). 

Recently I've been asked several times what is 'JoyQ' about and what does the ‘Q’ stand for anyway? 

So today I'm going to answer these questions and let you take the JoyQ test.  

The ‘Q’ of JoyQ comes from the expression “IQ”, meaning Intelligence Quotient or similarly ‘EQ’, which stands for Emotional Intelligence Quotient. So by calling my workshop and mentoring sessions ‘JoyQ’, what I’m inferring is that…

Through my services I help...

May 18, 2016

Hello beautiful friends,

I hope this finds you feeling vital and happy.

I’m passionate about encouraging people to love and care for themselves. Treating ourselves well expands our health and happiness. But recently I’ve been concerned after hearing several people, clients and friends commenting about taking medication for pain and flu symptoms. I was surprised at their readiness to reach for a drug and it occurred to me that I haven’t even taken a pain killer for possibly 30 years.

As I pondered t...

February 18, 2016

Hello beautiful friends,


Happy New ‘Fire Monkey’ Year! We’ve just entered the Chinese New Year and guess what? It’s my year. I was born (a while ago) in the year when the fire element and the monkey got together making for a dangerous but exciting combination of high energy, fun, adventure and passion.

But all that excitement isn’t just for me. We can all use the energy of this year to step up and out of the ordinary and create something new and wonderful especially and MOST IMPORTANT...

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