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yoga and posture workshop


Join me for these life-enhancing, youthfulness-promoting Masterclasses "Yoga and Posture" taking you on both a physical and spiritual journey.

 "Annamaya Kosha"
 Physical Alignment for Spiritual Wellbeing
Learn the essential yoga sequence to bring balance and
alignment to your posture for life.
New dates coming soon. 
 "Anandamaya Kosha
Centering, the Core & Bliss
Dive into deep, subtle core cultivation accessing the key areas
that support and align to your spine and bring you home to
your Centre. 
New dates coming soon.
Both Workshops Suitable for All Levels

Annamaya Kosha: Physical Alignment for Spiritual Wellbeing 

New Dates coming soon for 2021

No longer am I "teaching the world how to stand one person at a time". I'm extending this valuable life-skill into two Yoga Workshops suitable for all levels. In Workshop Level I, we'll target the key areas where imbalance occurs, strengthen you where appropriate, and leave you marinating in each Yin or restorative stretch, fully supported as needed with bolsters, blankets and blocks, to give you a healthy taste of inner transformation. You'll learn a mantra to connect you with balanced alignment at any moment in your yoga practice and life. 

You'll emerge noticing, perhaps for the first time, how it really feels to be more centred, aligned, balanced and deeply relaxed. 


Postural Alignment as a means of alleviating pain, enhancing physical function, creating greater vitality and developing spirituality has long been a passion of mine. Hence I'll take you through a slow Yin Yoga-style class, based on my extensive observation and treatment of clients and yoga students for over 2 decades. 

Class numbers will be limited to 12 people, so individual attention can be given and individual needs addressed. By the end of the class you'll emerge with your own specific program to continue, including daily awareness practices, daily stretching and strengthening poses and Yin yoga poses. 

You'll learn how to care for your body to promote healing, maintain or increase your mobility and strength and relax more fully and deeply. 

Practising good posture throughout the years has the potential to bring you greater vitality and overall health as you age and of course if you're a yogi, it'll enhance your practice through the decades.


"Our ability to lie down, sit, stand and walk in comfort is directly related to the template of centered body posture."

~ Donna Farhi  


Anandamaya Kosha: Centering, the Core & Bliss

New Dates coming soon for 2021

Strengthen not only your core and yoga practice but your sense of inner balance and 'being' for enhanced peace mind.


Level II takes us into the centre of our being, where we'll strengthen the intricate web of deep core muscles extending throughout the spine, access our "Deep Body" bandhas and enhance our body awareness and presence in every moment.

This rich day of physical and spiritual practice includes slow yoga asana, to activate the deep muscles, a centering vinyasa flow practice, meditation and self-massage. 

Our Centre, known in yoga as the Nobhu or Kanda, gives rise to all the Nadis (energy channels). In Western terms it equates to the "Enteric Nervous System" responsible for our digestion, metabolism and our felt sense of the world. 

Through activating this powerful energy centre we may enhance our entire spinal stability, mobility and function, assist our bodies to more effectively cleanse and detoxify and feel more vital and alive. Learning to centre ourselves creates a sense of energetic groundedness, inner confidence, calmness and peace of mind and is the key to feeling connected with the larger life around us.


 Many people 'wear' their centre forward or upwards. It's a symptom of our way of life, being always on the go, moving, "productive" and much of the time in our heads. 

Learning to centre our bodies brings many benefits at every level of our being. When our centre of energy and gravity is in line with gravity itself, our movements are not only balanced and controlled, but are expansive and light. All energies come together to create a synergy of strength, stability, ease and grace during movement. But the benefits are not confined to the physical. Far from it. When we centre our awareness, we remain both grounded and light; we're both contained and free; we're both resting and alive. Being centered allows us to be more still and yet readily responsive to life. 
From this holistic portal we draw on our whole body experience in any given moment and make decisions with greater calm, detachment and wisdom. 
We see and feel the big picture, living more in tune with both ourselves and with Life itself. 


"The centre is the non-dual source of all existence and awareness - pure, all pervasive, immanent and transcendent, radiating from the core of our being."  ~ Author Unknown


Read on if you need more reasons why these workshops are essential life training for you. 

Research has shown that good posture helps to:

  • Increase your energy and self-esteem;

  • Make you look younger;

  • Decrease the incidence and severity of back pain;

  • Improve your digestion

  • Increase your connection to the needs and emotions of others, making you less selfish!


This workshop is for you it you have or have ever experienced any of these conditions:

  • Headaches

  • Neck pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Spinal disc injuries

  • Thoracic pain or rib subluxations

  • Spinal joint strains

  • Sacroiliac pain or instability

  • Hip bursitis

  • Knee arthritis

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Chronic muscular strains, or

  • If you know you have bad posture and would like to change that before you get any of the above!

  • Emotional stress and instability

  • Restless mind

  • Lacking a sense of purpose and meaning in your life

  • Seeking a greater sense of fulfilment in life, deep inner calm and empowerment

Practicing good posture helps you to AVOID injury through the greater Self-Awareness you develop. When you're more aware of yourself you deepen your sensory receptivity.

This is a powerful skill, to be more receptive to the sensations and feelings in your body as it enables you to detect the build up of tension and signs of disease, BEFORE they become problematical.

It also calms your mind, creates a state of mindful meditation and through your inner connection, paradoxically unites you more with others and life. 

Clearly I can't speak highly enough of this simple yet profoundly life-enhancing practice ... and attitude. For it does require attitude, one of healthy self-love, to give yourself the attention you deserve.

Do you have the self-love to put yourself, your body first?

Remember numbers are limited to 12 people so book now and reserve your place. For more information contact Karakrista.

Bakballs, Core Training and Yoga with KaraKrista

New dates to be announced
Only $45 - Limited to12 Places
Suitable for All Levels

What others have had to say about Karakrista's Workshops and Retreats ....

"I feel energised after this workshop [Yoga & Posture], more open and expansive. I'm more mindful of my moment to moment posture and feel I now have the ability to shape my future health. As always Kara I walk from your classes uplifted to be the strongest and best version of myself. Thanks for this wonderful experience." ~ Natalie Keillor

"The teachings [Yoga & Posture] were so beautiful, to let go of force and embrace the softer, the gentle ... being aware of the subtle can have such a powerful effect. I feel lighter, grounded, in tune with my body and have a new belief pattern that it is possible to change my posture. You're a beautiful, wise spirit." Lynne Cole 

"It was an incredibly well structured session [Yoga & Posture], presented in an engaging way. I really liked the Awareness mantra and the way that posture is connected to our strength, health and effective functioning of the body. I've never considered it holistically before. I feel calm and centered." Kirsty Yanez Forrest

"I highly recommend this experiential workshop [Yoga & Posture] for anyone wanting to go deep and orientate themselves into a grounded, centered state of being balancing and integrating above with below." Vivianne Barry

"You have a little gem here Kara [Yoga & Posture]. Thank you for your care and enthusiasm to share your brilliant information and way of the core. I loved it!" Mette Sorenson

"My jewel from the day [Yoga & Posture] is the Karana Mantra, linking the chakras and elements to the physical body... amazing. I can truly feel my own posture, open, relaxed. It was enlightening." ~ Tricia Reade

"I loved the subtle movements necessary for postural alignments [Yoga & Posture] and the feeling of dropping down or groundedness in Tasasana. Kara sequenced poses, repeated and deepened to build on awareness in the subtle changes in our own bodies. Theory and practical was well balanced and there were individual adjustments and clear alignment cues." Sarah Chancellor


"You are incredibly knowledgable which shows in your holistic approach to teaching and content [Yoga & Posture]. I really like your pearls of wisdom in addition to very pertinent content and effective skills to better equip me for better posture in the future." Jo McInnes   


“Yes loved it all [the JOYQ Retreat]… the information, practice, new methods of meditation and fantastic food!!! I really got that we all have the answers within for healing … change… loved being reminded of that. Thank you.” ~ Cate Young

I really loved it [the JOYQ Retreat]. I feel more grounded and connected to myself. I liked the aspect of bringing focus to awareness and respecting the present feeling. Kara was an amazing facilitator- her spirit and voice always touch me deeply.” ~ Kerry Leilana

“It [the JOYQ Retreat] was so spot on for me Kara. I have wanted to strengthen my awareness / inner peace for some time and I feel I’m on my way.” ~ Tara Austin

“The workshop [JOYQ Meditation] was just what I needed. It’s helped me to think through some issues and become more centred. I have now been meditating every day since the workshop. I definitely recommend it as a way of getting into regular meditation.” 

~ Jennifer Marohasy

“Emerging from the workshop [JOYQ Meditation], I feel more full and connected with the realisation that my emotions are energetic signposts that guide the way to deeper learning. My most profound insight was that emotions are energy in motion so I’ll add The JoyQ Way practice to my meditation techniques. Kara spoke so well that time just flew by and it could have been longer.” ~ Viv Barry 

“I really enjoyed the 'JOYQ Way' Workshop. I liked the process of taking the intellectual process into the body and whilst I feel more peaceful and centred now, I’ve realised that I need to learn to ‘do’ anger more effectively!” ~ Adhi Bail

“Karakrista created a nice, soft and gentle space for the 'JOYQ Way' Workshop. I now have more understanding of my mind/body connection and am able to acknowledge and honour how I feel more often and be more clear in challenging circumstances.There's a lot of value for me in your workshop.” ~ Kaye Morris 

“The workshop [JOYQ Meditation] has helped me change the way I feel for the better. I’m more relaxed and I learnt how to feel the energy in my body and work through my feelings. “ ~ Dot Locke

“What I got out of the workshop [JOYQ Meditation] most was the four steps of meditation and I enjoyed the stillness, peace meditation and the information on the brain/physiology. Kara you’re a star.” ~ Gabi Riches  

”I have been fortunate in having Karakrista as my mentor for almost a decade. Her commitment and approach to holistic health and understanding of the mind/body connection makes perfect sense and has helped to guide me at many a turn in life.” ~ Kay McLean

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but you have to choose to embark on the Inward Journey to discover it.” 
~ B.K.S. Iyengar​