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Relieve spinal pain and enhance your freedom of movement

Bakballs are an award winning design used to relieve spinal pain and enhance your freedom of movement.

 A fabulous self-massage tool.



(includes postage in Australia)


“I love my BakBalls. I’m possibly a little addicted to them! I love the feeling of being able to ‘touch’ and stimulate my spinal muscles and joints, holding the pressure for exactly as long as I need to feel relief. I regularly spend time massaging my spine as I relax before bed. These sessions ease any aching or discomfort in my lower back or thoracic spine and I’ve often noticed the next day that I feel a greater sense of vitality in my body. I’m stronger and lighter on my feet as I walk through the national park.”

~ Karakrista 

how do bakballs work to relieve back pain and stiffness

So if you need any further convincing, here’s all the background on BakBalls and why you should have your own




BakBalls are scientifically designed to provide a therapeutic manipulative force directly onto the spine, accessing some of the most commonly painful areas.


Award-winning and created by an Australian Olympic Sports Physiotherapist and a University Post-Graduate Lecturer, they’re specifically made to fit the average person’s spine.  



  • Spinal pain

  • Spinal stiffness

  • Muscular tension in spine, buttocks, thighs, shoulders and limbs

  • Poor posture

  • Relaxation

  • Increase your energy flow and vitality

  • Self care and maintenance

  • Meditation on your body’s sensations

  • Deepen your sensory connection

  • Expand your mind-body union



  • Eases spinal pain

  • Mobilizes the spinal joints

  • Enhances blood flow

  • Enhances flexibility of shortened and tight muscles 

  • Stretches and resets resting myofascial tensions (muscles/connective tissue)

  • Realigns the spine through balanced pressure on the vertebral joints

  • Relieves the tension and strain of poor posture

  • Assists to correct postural imbalances

  • Increase your body awareness

  • Suitable for the limb and torso areas 

  • May be used on acupressure points

  • Easy, effective self-treatment 

  • Provides self- monitoring of deep tissue massage pressure 


Most people can begin with the softer Red BakBalls and progress to the harder Black BakBalls. 


If you’re an athlete and do regular, moderate to intense dynamic training (running, triathlon, martial arts, football, weight-training, contact sports or power yoga) or you’re male with a firm muscular body, you may choose to go straight to the black balls.

how to use bakballs

Whilst BakBalls are clearly designed for the spine they may be used just like a single massage ball and applied to all other areas of the body such as the limbs, torso, head, hands and feet. Watch the videos below for more details. 


With self-treatment you have the choice to hold the pressure for longer or shorter times depending on your pain response, degree of stiffness and desired outcome. 


Either lay on the balls, sit or lean against them. 


For your spine, position the balls horizontally so that the central spinous processes run vertically between the two balls. 


Adjust the pressure by moving your body and changing your body position. Sometimes this may involve moving your limbs to adjust the angle, depth and pressure of contact.


You may move consciously, creating a slow rolling motion over the balls to massage and enhance blood flow. Or you can remain still holding a stationary pressure over the body for a period of time. 


Listen to your body. Ensure the pressure is comfortable or what I like to call “comfortable discomfort”. At my clinic we refer to “good pain” as “gooch” (good ouch)!


As tissues adapt and heal with the pressure you should feel a diminution of sensation or pain. 


If pain amplifies, discontinue and move to the next area. 


For best results, after your Bakball session, it can be helpful to practice small amplitude movements or stretch the areas you’ve massaged. 

how to use bakballs to relieve upper back pain

how to use bakballs to relieve neck pain

how to use bakballs to relieve lower back pain

how to use bakballs to relieve other body parts