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"I have been fortunate in having Karakrista as my mentor for almost a decade. Her commitment and approach to holistic health and understanding of the mind/body connection makes perfect sense and has helped to guide me at many a turn in life.” - Kay McLean


“The wealth of experience Kara offers is second to none. She is always professional, highly skilled and shows great compassion for her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone in need. I am very blessed to have met Kara all those years ago, she has opened my eyes to so much. Thank you sincerely."~ Deb McWilliams

“When I first saw Kara 6 years ago, I wasn't expecting to walk away feeling so fantastic. Kara's holistic approach to my wellbeing has been nothing short of amazing! Finally a Physio with real hands on treatment skills & realistic management plans.I always learn something new about my body, mind & health after every session. I'm ever so grateful for her kindness & outstanding skills as a practitioner.
That being said, I would highly recommend Kara to anyone ready to take the next step in their health & vitality.” ~ Lou Page

“I was fortunate enough to have someone recommend Kara to me for a back complaint over 6years ago now. How lucky I was. Being a trained physio, she understands the musculoskeletal system of our bodies extremely well and uses that knowledge expertly when it comes to the practice of her massage therapy. I would highly recommend Kara's services to anyone.” ~ Paul Gaffney

Kara is a dedicated and experienced body worker. She has a wealth of knowledge in the wellness arts which shines through in her treatments and classes. I thoroughly recommend her." - Adrienne Bail

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“I really loved it. I feel more grounded and connected to myself. I liked the aspect of bringing focus to awareness and respecting the present feeling. Kara was an amazing facilitator - her spirit and voice always touch me deeply.” ~ Kerry Leilana

“It was so spot on for me Kara. I have wanted to strengthen my awareness/inner peace for some time and I feel I’m on my way.” ~ Tara Austin

“The workshop was just what I needed. It’s helped me to think through some issues and become more centred. I have now been meditating every day since the workshop. I definitely recommend it as a way of getting into regular meditation.” ~ Jennifer Marohasy

“What I got out of the workshop most was the four steps of meditation and I enjoyed the stillness, peace meditation and the information on the brain/physiology. Kara you’re a star.” ~ Gabi Riches 

Head Shot

“Emerging from the workshop, I feel more full and connected with the realisation that my emotions are energetic signposts that guide the way to deeper learning. My most profound insight was that emotions are energy in motion so I’ll add The JoyQ Way practice to my meditation techniques. Kara spoke so well that time just flew by and it [the workshop] could have been longer.” ~ Viv Barry

“I loved the workshop, learnt a lot and felt very calm and happy afterwards. Karakrista did a great job facilitating. She’s extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and her communication was very clear. It was very relaxing so I’ll do my best to keep practicing. I know I need to practice a lot more meditation.” ~ Amanda Pettit

“Yes loved it all… the information, practice, new methods of meditation and fantastic food!!! I really got that we all have the answers within for healing … change… loved being reminded of that. Thank you.” ~ Cate Young

“I loved the workshop. I learnt how to be at peace with myself and loved Kara as a facilitator.” ~ Keeley Jackson

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“Karakrista created a nice, soft and gentle space for the JoyQ Way and I found her a very warm and informative teacher. I now have more understanding of my mind/body connection and am able to acknowledge and honour how I feel more often. Staying with my emotion has allowed me to be more clear in challenging circumstances and given me the energy to move. Your notes are crystal clear. I know there is a lot of value for me in your workshop.” ~ Kaye Morris 

“The workshop has helped me change the way I feel for the better. I’m more relaxed and I learnt how to feel the energy in my body and work through my feelings. “ ~ Dot Locke

Kara was a passionate and wonderful teacher and I’d highly recommend the workshop to others who’d like to learn more about their emotions and meditation.” ~ Adhi Bail


“Of all the massages I’ve had, including some of the most expensive resort spa’s I’ve been to, yours is the most superior. It’s the mixture of your Physio and massage but every time I’ve been, whether it’s for my hip, back, shoulder or knee, you’ve put me on track.” - Wayne Morris.

“I LOVE Kara’s massages! With her years of expertise in Physio and her Counselling background, Kara’s gifts of intuition, empathy and understanding can really support me on every level. I always leave Kara’s massages feeling like I’ve been put back together again! Thanks Kara.”

- Janet McGeever – Counsellor, Journey Therapist, “The Being Love Retreats”

JoyQ Mentoring Noosa
Recommended Massage Therapist Noosa

“After I had my three kids I became so preoccupied with their care and ignored my own health… my shoulders and back became so painful it was limiting the healthy and active life I wanted to lead with my family. You Kara have become such a key person in my “support network”. When I feel myself starting to struggle physically I know it is time to book in. I now realise massage is actually a massive investment in my current and future physical wellbeing, for both myself and my kids. Your massages allow me to switch off completely and I always leave feeling relaxed and energised and know that you have targeted the areas of my body most in need of attention.”

- Clare Derrington – Mother, Wife & Physiotherapist


“Thank you so much for a fascinating day at your most recent Raw Luncheon. I have recently completed a weight loss program and although I have lost the weight I have been feeling nutritionally depleted. During the few hours spent with you, I learnt about the goodness of raw organic foods and importantly how to incorporate them into daily life. The dishes you prepared for us were absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try your recipes and also to experiment with some of my own. I feel I now have the skills to choose a more nutritious way of eating.” - Chris, Sunshine Beach

Raw Food Advice Noosa
Raw Food Advocate Noosa

“Kara’s enthusiasm and passion for raw food is very contagious! Which is delightful! And genuine!
The amount of information Kara shared was HUGE. The food seemed to appear effortlessly and easily with each recipe being exciting (with the colour, texture, taste of goodness and yumminess). I know for me, the most wonderful benefit is the inspiration I took away from that day. I can see such a huge ripple effect from what Kara is presenting so beautifully. I am inspired, I try her recipes, I support the local farmers, my health improves and on it goes! Kara you are a blessing! Keep up your wonderful enthusiasm and spread your knowledge and love of raw food.” - Suzie Donkin, Sunshine Beach

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