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Ease pain, increase your mobility, strength, inner balance and calm and enhance your yoga practice with the simple yet profound practice of centred body posture.

Annamaya Kosha: Physical Alignment for Spiritual Wellbeing.
Learn the essential yoga sequence to bring balance to your posture for life. 
Anandamaya Kosha: Centering, the Core & Bliss
Dive into deep, subtle core cultivation, accessing all the key areas that support your spine from within bringing you home to your Centre. 
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The integrity of the Gastrointestinal system affects not only our digestion, it influences our entire being through the musculoskeletal system, posture, emotions and psychological state. By bringing awareness to the digestive organs and balancing organ mobility and fascial tensions throughout the abdomen and lumbar spine, Digestive Visceral Therapy stimulates our intrinsic healing process to help restore the body to it's natural balance and vital health especially when digestive or lumbar issues are present. 

Yoga for Digestion classes and workshops coming soon.

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Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Classes Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Retreats Noosa
Karakrista Private Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa
Karakrista Yoga Noosa

Ground yourself in the sophisticated art of Core, Postural Alignment and Centering. 

Marrying the best of Yogic and Physiotherapy practices in the sanctuary of Noosa, this effective class explores the function and integrity of our core, the spine and the Centre of energy in our abdomen - known as the Nobhu, Kanda or Enteric "Brain". 


In Yogic terms the Centre is the heart of our energy system where all the Nadis (energy channels) arise. To be truly Centered requires not only core strength, spinal integrity and postural balance but also an integrated mind-body awareness which embraces the essence of Yoga itself, "Svadyaya" - self awareness. 


Through a sequential program that circulates from month to month you'll learn the key components to creating a Centered body posture. These include:

  •  natural breathing patterns, 

  • daily meditations to develop new neuromuscular memory patterns,

  • activation of the deep postural muscles of the abdomen, spine and pelvis

  • the yogic bandhas

  • spinal mobility


All these components create the necessary whole body "tensegrity" (resting myofascial tension) for effortless postural balance and Centeredness. 

With regular practice the YogaPhysio class helps to enhance your... 


Physical health, strength, vitality, balance, ability to relax, inner calm, emotional resilience, digestion, metabolism, circulation, immune system, intuition, self-trust, personal power and happiness, to name just a few.

As we embody these benefits more and more they flow out into our lives. We feel greater harmony in our relationships, we're able to negotiate life’s challenges with grace and enjoy greater choice to live our lives authentically… the life we truly desire. With continued commitment yoga helps us to move beyond the vacillations of our mind and experience a state of Union which feels something like this- deep stillness, open-hearted peace and joyful Oneness with all Life.

As a passionate holistic practitioner, a long time meditator and avid fitness enthusiast, it was a natural progression for Karakrista to eventually discover the multiple layers of profound and sacred joy that is inherent in the ancient tradition of Yoga.

Since completing the Level I & II teacher training with Being Yoga on the Sunshine Coast in 2007, yoga has become one of her greatest passions. With her wealth of holistic experience from the physical to the spiritual, she brings many positive influences to the mat in her teachings.


Steeped in the practice of meditation and an understanding of our psychological and emotional nature, Karakrista teaches with a meditative approach cultivating an ever-deepening awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath and our state of mind.

Loving kindness…

She also encourages the practice of loving kindness and self acceptance. Embracing these qualities, combined with flowing breath, mindful movement and precise alignment, she helps students learn to find their natural ease within the postures.



Guided by the JOYQ philosophy, she brings harmony to the active and passive sides of our nature, by exploring the dance between the edges of effort and letting go, between grounding and expansion and between deep peace and joyful aliveness.



Physiotherapy provides a strong structural alignment base hence Karakrista’s yoga becomes therapy for those with injuries. You can expect good warm-ups, intelligent sequencing and targeting of areas of the body that are most commonly tight and imbalanced from the stresses and strains of our daily life activities. Beginners and advanced students are welcome with safe modifications offered to suit all practices.



Her yoga teachers and inspiration include Michael Daly, Vanessa Rudge, Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, Twee Merrigan and Simon Park.

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“Sthira sukham asanam.” Sutra no: 264 ~ Patanjali

To find the place within where joy arises spontaneously and is easily sustained.