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 Physiotherapist  |  Posture specialist | Yoga Teacher

 Live your life with vitality and grace... effortlessly.

Here's my story...

Hi I’m Karakrista, a therapist, postural alignment expert and mentor seeded in decades of practice and experience in the fields of Physiotherapy, Yoga and Psychology. I'm renowned for my holistic approach to life, health and wellness from nutrition to the Spirit, hence I offer a range of healing services, including:

My passion is to inspire and help others to find the joy within through the foundation of a body that works well in harmony with our nature as well as being energetically open to the fullness of our emotional landscape.

When we live in our bodies in harmony, the way our bodies are designed – a spine that's balanced, supple and strong, feeling centred, grounded and light – supported by quality rest, extraordinarily healthy food and practices to expand our self awareness and inner peace, I believe a vibrant life is possible to our very last breath.  


JOYQ was the term I first created to describe the path I'd found to living with embodied joy. It was born out of my darkest moments in the grips of depression, an experience that showed me how to transform pain whether physical, emotional or mental to ease and grace.


This alchemical moment informs and underlies all my practices and teachings be it the healing therapies, yoga or emotional intelligence practices bringing with it the awareness of the whole person as part of the healing journey. 

Grounded in years of experience, both personally and with thousands of clients, my work is designed to heal and transform you by enhancing your body awareness and postural alignment, developing more balanced and integrated movement patterns and improving your physical self care for your longterm health, vitality and happiness.

Emotionally you learn how to embrace your energetic experience as an integral part of the process of evolving to greater love and wisdom. 


Mind and body are one. Change one even just a little, and the whole is inextricably changed. As you integrate the processes I share you'll create a balanced spine, centred, flexible and strong, a wellspring of inner vitality and find many emotional and mental jewels, such as greater presence (mindfulness), confidence, inner peace and easy laughter.  

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Meditation Noosa Area

“Joy is the spontaneous expression of the light that exists already and always within us. Our challenge is to seek and release all the barriers we've created that prevent our light shining through.”
~ Karakrista 

My dark night of the soul…


My desire and passion to create a life of joy, was born out of experiencing bouts of depression in the mid-80’s to mid-90’s as I negotiated my way through regular, what I called, “black holes”. Despite the obvious pain I was in, I became fascinated by the workings of my mind, the intensity of my physical emotions and how change occurred in my mind-body landscape. A big thirst was born. I was hooked…

I embarked on training in Process Oriented Psychology, Transcendental Meditation, multiple personal development courses, psychotherapy, yoga, any and every style of meditation and spiritual healing and began to eat a largely plant-powered food diet.


Then.... slowly and steadily, bit by bit, I began to find more and more space between the seesawing extremes of my emotions. Healing was occurring.

It took a lot of commitment. A lot of sweat and tears. A lot of COURAGE. Quiet time. Going within. Learning to ‘be’. It was painful, disheartening, tedious, frustrating and scary at times but it was also the most fascinating and rewarding journey I’ve ever encountered.

Into the light…


Over time I experienced magical moments when jewel after jewel dawned in my whole being. When the wisdom I was hearing over and over again from a multitude of teachers and spiritual sages from all times finally dropped in and became an embodied reality … showering me with a palpable, persistent and profound sense of peace, happiness and ... physical aliveness.

As I began to live my life from this radiant state I realised that there is no greater purpose in life than to manifest one’s NATURAL JOY. From here, everything is possible.


Spreading the word…

Around this time the teacher in me began to surface and I was excited to step forth and share the jewels I had found. So, whilst already a practising Physiotherapist, in1994 I began conducting Meditation & Stress Management Courses and Bodywork classes for corporations, private groups and individuals.

From 2000 onwards I taught Body Awareness, Yoga classes and workshops in Conscious Evolution through Meditation and Yogic practices. Finally in 2010, following two decades of the love of psychology, I became a Holistic Counsellor, and soon after crafted my unique message of joy into the JOYQ* programs.


*The essence of JOYQ is now being expanded into a never before released process on the evolution of Consciousness.... how we change and grow embodying greater love and wisdom when we honour the way of Nature. To be released 2023. 

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The Principal of the Counselling course I attended summed up the effects of my healing and life journey thus far in her statement:-

“Karakrista’s ability to digest all the information and concepts and apply them easily with deep insights into the client and their internal process is indicative of her own ability to know thy self. Karakrista’s experience over many years of working with people on many levels highlights her excellent ability to empathise and guide clients in their personal empowerment.”

~ Brenda Sutherland, the Awakening Group

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Living proof…

By putting my happiness first, practicing impeccable self care and continuing my commitment to all the practices that light me up - yoga, psychotherapy, meditation, raw food and plant-based nutrition; not only did I successfully heal myself of depression, but in the process I discovered my true ‘Self’ - my inner Light, many Universal truths and so much more.

Now it is my great pleasure and honour to offer you the fruits of my journey to reveal the joy that is inherent in you.

Join me and let’s be part of the growing movement, world wide, to live consciously, to create health, happiness and peace in our own lives, so that it ripples out to the lives of all. 


Who we are is what we give to others in every moment of the day,

in everything we do and say.


We can and do make a difference when we elevate our inner world physically and spiritually. 

For you…


Here are the paths I offer to help you be aligned and centred and to unleash your vitality and joy for life naturally. Feel free to explore the one that feels rights for you.

Physical therapy
physical & mental alignment



Are you’re looking for a physiotherapist in Noosa who listens, takes time, embraces all aspects of your wellbeing,

focuses on the root cause of

your pain and empowers you to help yourself?

Then look no further...



Posture is the foundation for all movement. Through specific exercises and yoga poses you'll learn to realign your body, balance muscular tensions and relieve joint strain for

increased freedom of movement and vitality.

Good Massage Noosa


Karakrista is well known by Noosa locals for her transformative massages, including Therapeutic and Relaxation massage.

"I can feel your presence in your hands." Sam

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Make the most of your time and effort with your home yoga or exercises by experiencing personal tuition to fine-tune your practice and create the most effective routine for you.

Keep in touch…

If you’d like to stay in touch and receive inspiration for your happiness and health and details of upcoming events then register for JoyMail, my free Newsletter. You’ll also receive my free e-book “Hardwired Happiness”.


Or if you’d like to connect, you can contact me here.

With vitality &  JOY!

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