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Noosa - Sunshine Beach - Sunrise Beach


Karakrista specialises in treating your whole body through your postural alignment, to alleviate the imbalances that lead to pain and dysfunction, for lasting outcomes and long-term freedom of mobility.

Are you struggling with chronic aches, pain and stiffness in your joints? You've had lots of treatment and done exercises but the pain just keeps coming back? Do you want to get to the root cause, heal it and experience the joy of moving with ease?  


Did you know that your posture could be the cause of your ongoing musculoskeletal pain? 

"Gravity is a force that never sleeps." Karakrista  

Your posture is the foundation for all movement. If you have imbalanced posture and mobility, gravity creates an omnipresent stress on the areas that take the greater load and your natural muscular function becomes distorted leading, over time, to injury and disease. 


Karakrista has had a life long passion for postural alignment having experienced the profound effects of realigning her own posture in her thirties. After decades of empirical observation and research with her clients, using postural realignment as the foundation for healing, she has created a Postural Realignment Program that addresses our innermost postural core muscles for optimal body function.  

If you have:

  • Chronic spinal pain

  • Neck and back pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Disc injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Headaches

  • Weak core muscles


BOOK an appointment today. 

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Karakrista Knee and Back Physiotherapist Noosa
Karakrista's Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Degree of Physiotherapy

  • Certificate of Holistic Counselling

  • Level II Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

What to Expect

Karakrista's holistic physiotherapy consultations provide generous space to discuss and assess all the factors that may be contributing to your condition and discover what you need to activate your body's innate, natural healing process. 


Karakrista will explore your lifestyle choices, posture, gait, movement patterns and psychological wellbeing to understand the source (sometimes multiple) of your pain, which determines the focus for the session.


Each session may be different as your condition evolves and changes. Treatment may include deep therapeutic massage, mobilisations to create space in the joints and release soft tissue limitations, practices to re-align the spine through deep stretching and training in new functional movement patterns to counterbalance poor postural habits of a lifetime.

Whatever your body requires almost all sessions involve a hands-on treatment and specifically targeted, transformational exercises, giving you the tools and education to lead you succinctly along your optimum healing path. 


Fees for a physiotherapy consultation in my private rooms in Sunrise Beach near Noosa are:

Initial Consultation (60 min): $120
Standard Consultation (45 min): $90
Brief Consultation (30 min): $70
Long Consultation (90 min): $170


For information about my Cancellation Policy, Health Fund Rebates and Medicare Claims please go to the FAQ page.

What is different about Karakrista?

Karakrista is a unique Physiotherapist weaving together three core treatment methods:

  1. Bodywork for potent pain relief 

  2. Experiential Postural Biomechanics to enhance your movement in daily life and

  3. Yoga Therapy to empower you in your own self-healing and self-management 


Her many years of holistic training and experience in the fields of psychology, counselling, meditation and yoga, as well as her own life experience, have resulted in her acquiring a high level of wisdom and empathy to support you on every level in your healing journey.

Karakrista graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy in Melbourne. She has worked mostly in private practice in musculoskeletal therapy including over 15 years specialising in Sports Medicine in London, in the exalted Wimpole Street medical precinct, as well as two eminent Sports Medicine Clinics in Melbourne and Noosa Heads.

Karakrista has conducted her own private practice for over 20 years, both in Melbourne and Noosa Heads, and now conducts her clinic from her home in beautiful Sunrise Beach. Over this time she has gained an excellent reputation as one of the best physiotherapists in the Noosa area based on her:

  • thorough examination and diagnosis 

  • intensive and transformative hands-on techniques

  • effective treatment of back pain

  • empowering and proactive management of her client's health and wellbeing

  • holistic approach to medicine and healing which aims to provide long term results rather than short term fixes.   


My physiotherapy clients come from all over the Noosa District and Sunshine Coast.


The treatment room is located at: 

2/12 Advance Place

Sunrise Beach Qld 4567

Phone: 0439 377 764

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