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Best Massage Noosa and Sunshine Beach


 Noosa - Sunshine Beach - Sunrise Beach

Massage for Healing, Wholeness and Wellbeing…

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage meets Eastern Energy and Meditation Medicine
Deep Tissue Massage Noosa
Relaxation Massage Noosa

Be nurtured, soothed, hydrated, regenerated.... for cellular and soul healing.

Local Noosa Massage Therapist For Over 30 Years

In Sunrise Beach, near Noosa on the stunning Sunshine Coast, Karakrista offers you a unique massage session - a skilful interplay of Physiotherapy mobilisation, Therapeutic Massage, Acupressure, Transformational Breathwork and Guided Meditation. This powerful healing combination will re-hydrate your whole body, release long-held tensions, restore integrity and freedom to your joints and soothe your mind and emotions.


You will leave feeling equal parts relaxed, grounded and energised whilst having greater access to your unique wellspring of body wisdom.

If you experience neck, back, shoulder, hip or joint pain, stress, fatigue or listlessness have poor posture or just feel like you need a deep, replenishing rest then these sessions will provide structural release, re-alignment, deep muscular transformation and complete cellular rejuvenation.

Whether you like it deep for specific issues or nurturing for relaxation, all massage sessions include the choice of hot rocks placed along the key energy centres of the spine (the chakras). Experience the added benefit and pleasure of the hot granite rocks to create warmth, deep relaxation, balance your energy and facilitate healing and rejuvenation.

For information about my Cancellation Policy please go to the FAQ page. 

Sunshine Coast Best Massage
Massage Noosa Prices
60 minutes – $110
90 minutes – $150

About your massage with Karakrista

Call Karakrista to discuss which style of treatment would best suit you. 

0439 377 764

Karakrista draws on her vast expertise, gained over more than 25 years, in a variety of healing modalities – Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Holistic Counselling, Yoga and Meditation to deliver a distinct style of massage that combines techniques to release muscle tension, mobilise joints and balance your body’s energy via the acupuncture meridians.  


She is highly intuitive and allows every massage to evolve to your individual needs and what your body requires in each and every moment.

Karakrista firmly believes that your body knows how to heal itself given the right conditions, hence, by sustaining a high level of conscious presence, she works with your body’s constantly evolving energy facilitating the release of tension and emotional holding patterns. She also engages you at times with breathing practices and by promoting a meditative and deeply relaxed state to enable your central nervous system to heal you naturally from within.

As tensions gradually melt away and your energetic pathways are opened and balanced, a sense of deep relaxation, ease and mental calm arises naturally within you. 

D e e p  p e a c e.  Contented JOY. 


That’s profound healing and palpable transformation…

FREEDOM to live your life the way you choose.


“Of all the massages I’ve had including some of the most expensive resort spa’s I’ve been to, yours is the most superior. It’s the mixture of your Physio and massage but every time I’ve been whether it’s for my hip, back, shoulder or knee you’ve put me on track.”

Wayne Morris, Noosa.

“I LOVE Kara’s massages! With her years of expertise in Physio and her Counselling background, Kara’s gifts of intuition, empathy and understanding can really support me on every level. I always leave Kara’s massages feeling like I’ve been put back together again! Thanks Kara.” 

- Janet McGeever – Counsellor, Journey Therapist, “The Making Love Retreats”

“After I had my three kids I became so preoccupied with their care I ignored my own health… my shoulders and back became so painful it was limiting the healthy and active life I wanted to lead with my family. You Kara have become such a key person in my “support network”. When I feel myself starting to struggle physically I know it is time to book in. I now realise massage is actually a massive investment in my current and future physical wellbeing, for both myself and my kids. Your massages allow me to switch off completely and I always leave feeling relaxed and energised and know that you have targeted the areas of my body most in need of attention.”

- Clare Derrington – Mother, Wife and Physiotherapist 

Read about the holistic healing effects of massage in Karakrista’s blog post: 
“Get More Out of Your Next Massage”.
Noosa Massage Therapist Reviews

Cancellation Policy: 
Except in genuine emergencies or illness at least 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel
massage appointments so that other clients may fill appointment times.
Bookings cancelled within 24 hours will incur a 50% Cancellation Fee and no-shows a 100% Fee. 
I thank you for honouring my time in providing this service.

My physiotherapy and massage clients come from all over the Noosa District and Sunshine Coast.


The treatment room is located at: 

2/12 Advance Place

Sunrise Beach Qld 4567

M: 0439 377 764

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