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karana posture

'Dance' your way to freedom for life



Perhaps you're wondering why I have photos of people here with their arms outstretched, enjoying life, outdoors in nature, instead of the standard photos of people sitting upright with a tall spine or standing erect in what you might perceive as good posture. 



I did that at first, however I realised that these pictures weren't demonstrating what posture is really about. Yes, sitting and standing upright is an important part of the process of establishing good posture. It doesn't work to slump and prop into our joints nor to strut, rigidly holding ourselves against gravity. We need to find a balance between yielding and pushing. That balance is a dance-like state, buoyant with life and is the essence of Karana Posture. 


    Karana means 'to dance'. It translates as movement which is 'energy efficient'. 


The result is freedom of movement for life.


THIS is the essence of Posture.  


Welcome to Karana Posture, a new, relaxed way to create alignment and live freely in your body for the longest time.

The Karana Posture Program is a comprehensive and effective program that goes straight to the core of body alignment to relieve chronic pain and maintain your mobility for life.

what is karana posture?

The Karana Posture Series of exercises is a succinct program containing ten essential exercises based on the common postural imbalances I’ve observed over four decades of working with clients with posture as the basis for healing. The exercises are accessible for most people to practice regardless of ability.


When you embody the principles and practice of Karana Posture, your joints become healthier, your muscles less tense

 and you experience greater comfort in your body. Karana posture helps you to maintain your mobility as you age and the freedom to continue to do all the activities you love in life.


The unique Karana Posture Program aligns and balances your spine and central channel, creating the template for a higher quality of movement throughout your entire body.


The Karana Posture Series may be the only exercises you need to do as you age – besides walking and perhaps swimming (if you’re like me) – but if you do the Series regularly, you’ll want to exercise a whole lot more, because you can!

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Book A Free 15-minute Phone Consult About Your Posture.



karana posture is anti-ageing

Karana Posture is a powerful ally for maintaining your youthfulness and vitality throughout your life.


Most chronic pain can be traced to postural imbalances. As we age, our posture and movement patterns don’t stay the same. They become more ingrained every day.


When we’re out of balance, with ageing, we become more imbalanced. The stress and strain of imbalanced weight-bearing over time causes tissue degeneration and contributes to pain and dysfunction. The older we become the more the quality of our postural alignment influences the quality of our movement. 


When we align ourselves with the gravitational pull of the Earth in the way Nature intended, we nourish and strengthen our musculoskeletal system, relieve pain, avoid further pain and maintain our mobility. 

karana posture is restorative

Karana Posture teaches you how to restore balance.


The Karana Posture Series of exercises opens and strengthens your body in all the right places as well as teaching you how to sit, stand and move in alignment. We’re all going to have some degeneration as we age. That’s unavoidable. But if you honour your body by doing the right exercises to heal your imbalances and moving with postural alignment, you’ll minimise the wrinkles that may appear beneath the surface. 


What I offer you in a private consultation in my clinic in Noosa, is an approach to relieve your pain and enhance your long-term wellbeing.


The 8 Step Program isn’t just for you if you’re in pain or want to improve your posture. It’s for everyone who wants to maintain the physical freedom to do the things they love to do in life and remain vitally alive as they age.


Karana Posture shows you how to age truly gracefully.  


Book the 8 Step Karana Posture Program

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My physiotherapy clients come from all over the Noosa District and Sunshine Coast.


The treatment room is located at: 

2/12 Advance Place

Sunrise Beach Qld 4567

Phone: 0439 377 764

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