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Digestive Visceral Therapy 

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Vibrant Health and Internal Equilibrium Start at the Centre of Our Being - The Abdomen. 

digestive visceral therapy (dvt)

Massage, Manipulation and Energetic Healing for the Digestive System.

“Those who know me well, know that I consider the belly and lower back to be sites of prime importance in our overall health and wellbeing. Vibrant health and internal equilibrium start at the Centre of our body, the abdomen.” Karakrista

Digestive Visceral Therapy (DVT) treats the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to enhance digestion, detoxification and rejuvenation of the internal organs.

Through a combination of massage, subtle manipulation and Acupressure, DVT stimulates digestion and treats fascial imbalances in the internal organs and lumbo-abdominal region to improve digestion and overall mobility.

But that's not all. The integrity of the GI tract influences our entire wellbeing - from our musculoskeletal system and posture to our emotions and psychological state. Hence DVT can have far reaching benefits that continue long after your consultation is finished.


DVT is founded on Visceral Manipulation, which in turn has its origins in Eastern medicine with the Taoist practice of Chi Nei Tsang (transformation of energy stored in the internal organs).


Through specific touch designed to balance organ mobility and fascial tensions, digestive visceral abdominal therapy brings deeper awareness to the digestive organs and the extensive neural network (the Enteric brain) contained within the abdomen. In this way our intrinsic healing processes are stimulated, helping to restore the body to its natural balance and health, especially when digestive or lumbar spine issues are present. 


Organ position, mobility and function may be altered by a myriad of factors over our lifetime such as trauma, injury, surgery, pregnancy, emotional stress and structural imbalances in the spine and limbs. 


 “The body is like a tight rope walker, making small adjustments right and left, backwards and forwards, in order to keep its’ balance. A small deviation from equilibrium can add up over time to a functional difficulty. Good health is not a state but a search for equilibrium”. - Jacques Descotes

The gastrointestinal tract traverses our physical centre of gravity and in Eastern terms encompasses the centre of our energetic being (which I simply refer to as the Centre). Imbalances in the GI tract or abdominal organs:


  • Affect our source of nutritional energy

  • Influence the tensile state of our entire body’s fascial and musculoskeletal system and,

  • Through the gut-brain axis, affect our emotional sense of stability and connection.


Energetically we are in a constant dance with the multiple messages relayed every second through the gut – brain axis, hence DVT may contribute to the modulation of our emotional and mental wellbeing, enhancing our mood and improving our sense of calm.

"In almost every case of nervous depression, the motility of the liver is affected. The liver in oriental medicine theory is the “sea of emotion” and is considered interdependent with the psyche.” - Jean-Pierre Barral (Osteopath, author and founder of Visceral Manipulation)

Please contact Karakrista to make a DVT appointment or for more information.


Initial DVT Consultation (up to 2 hours): $195

Regular DVT Consultation (up to 90 minutes): $150


For a taste of DVT:

Book an Abdominal Massage

(1hour): $110


Digestive Visceral Therapy may Benefit you by:


  • stimulating and improving digestion

  • enhancing mobility of internal organs 

  • stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems 

  • releasing adhesions

  • relieving abdominal pain

  • diminishing sensations of bloating 

  • relieving back pain

  • relieving chronic musculoskeletal pain due to imbalances of the viscera, spine or lower limbs

  • stimulating the Vagus nerve (digestion and relaxation)

  • strengthening the immune system

  • enhancing detoxification processes 

  • assisting in the relief of the symptoms of digestive conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns disease and Diverticulitis

  • diminishing inflammation (by contributing to down regulation of the inflammatory response through vagal nerve effects) 

  • clearing energetic blocks

  • deepening relaxation

  • facilitating the unfolding and release of held emotions 

  • relieving stress 

  • mood enhancement

  • providing feelings of lightness

  • creating a sense of lingering calm


Plan your appointment to take place at least two hours after eating a normal meal or try to ensure you eat lightly within two hours of the appointment. If it’s an early morning appointment, or you’re practicing a fast, you may attend with an empty stomach. 


Drink normally on the day of your appointment and wear loose comfortable clothing. 


Prior to your appointment you’ll receive a pre-consultation health questionnaire. This invites you to become more clear on your digestive symptoms, relevant health issues and your intention for your session considering all aspects of your physical history and emotional health. 


The session begins with a digestive tea and a dialogue between you and your therapist discussing the key issues revealed. You will then be assessed via observation, movement and palpation of your posture, spinal alignment, lumbar mobility, abdominal strength, energetic balance and central fascial tensions. 


This hands-on treatment has “Impeccable Comfort” as the guiding principle.


It involves mindful breathing practices, massage (which may be gentle or more firm in accordance with your comfort and the findings), subtle manipulations, energetic healing practices, acupressure and guided meditation.


Each session will vary depending on your needs and circumstances. Benefits may be felt during your session or in the days or weeks following treatment. 

With comfort in mind it's recommended that women be prepared to either remove underwire bras or wear a soft bra for treatment purposes. Your body will be swathed appropriately. 

Every physical and mental symptom we experience has an underlying energetic or emotional component, like a charge stored somewhere in the body that needs to be “digested” before it transforms and healing occurs. 


When we drop into a space of deep relaxation combined with the awareness of our therapists’ touch, we make way for charges held within the abdomen to be awakened, digested and healed. This allows us to evolve beyond this experience with renewed vigour and a droplet of wisdom to add to our life’s cache. 


It’s common to feel a sense of lightness following treatment, a sure sign of positive change. However, be patient. You may require several treatments in combination with a truly holistic approach to experience tangible results. Healing and evolution happen one conscious moment after another. 

After your treatment you will receive many self-care practices to continue your healing journey and facilitate your ongoing 'digestion' of life with far greater ease and Grace.


It is important to note that DVT makes no claims to treat digestive illnesses. DVT provides a stimulus that may create the conditions to promote your body’s own healing response. And since it encompasses the Enteric nervous system, effects may be experienced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


If you’ve been diagnosed with a digestive disease and you’re not already seeing an Integrative Medicine doctor or Naturopath, we will highly recommend that you adopt a practitioner well versed in this area of expertise to compliment your DVT.  


Diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are all important aspects of managing digestive disease and all dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit. 

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My clients come from all over the Noosa District and Sunshine Coast.


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