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Raw Food Noosa and Sunshine Beach

Raw Food

 Choose health, vitality and beauty with nature's fresh living foods

Give yourself the gift of renewed Health and JOY with raw living foods...

Why Raw Food?

Karakrista Raw Food Consultations Noosa

Raw Food Recipes

  • feel better

  • have more energy ALL day

  • feel happier and more confident

  • lose weight

  • look younger

  • be full of inspiration and motivation

  • love every minute of life

Green Smoothies and Raw Food Noosa


I love raw food! The abundant, vital, living nourishment of nature’s raw foods has helped me to heal from so many different and diverse afflictions, some of which I simply took for granted as part of my existence. I don’t know where to start to tell you of the incredible power and change a raw food diet has brought to my life.


So many benefits…

Since undertaking an intensive program of eating predominantly raw foods some 8 years ago, I’ve found my general mood has improved. I feel more emotionally balanced, stable and resilient. My energy levels have dramatically increased. My body continues to open into greater flexibility despite my growing years. I no longer have cold feet nor do I feel or fear the cold as I used to in the past and colds and flu’s, in fact most sickness, are a thing of the past.

Taste changes…

I love how I naturally prefer real, fresh food now. Processed foods and junk foods have simply gone from my awareness, let alone my desire. My intake of alcohol has diminished to almost zero. I just don’t want it most of the time and often when I take that occasional first sip it tastes like I’m drinking vinegar (perhaps because I’ve become so much more alkaline… the healthy state where disease just can’t take hold)! Hence no more day’s feeling sluggish and queasy and playing ‘catch-up’ getting my energy and zest for life back on track. That’s freedom!!!

Heal with ease, naturally, one meal at a time…

So over these years as I have continue to incorporate a large amount of nutritious, raw foods into my daily diet I’ve learned that …

Nourishing your body with an abundance of fresh, living raw food is a key ingredient to living a life of JOY. Raw food is beautiful, it’s pure, it tastes fantastic and it’s a potent healing force, for both mind and body. Raw food re-mineralises you. It replenishes our stores of living vitamins and minerals. It provides the essential enzymes our body’s need for digesting and integrating our food at a cellular level leading to greater healing and cellular strength - the foundation of health.


Happy dance…

Many people too, like me, who have turned to the raw food lifestyle for their health and healing, have found to their delight that their happiness has increased naturally. It’s like tapping into an inner wellspring of JOY.

So if you’d like to:

Raw Food Recipes Noosa


Full Day Program 8.00am to 5.00pm

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$255 per person

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Raw Food Expert Noosa Karakrista

… then steadily increasing the amount of raw food in your diet is the most simple, accessible, affordable, intelligent and powerful way to enhance your health.


With today’s mass farming practices and so many foods being processed, our health is being compromised by increasing levels of soil degradation and the huge amounts of chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides used in both growth and production.

You simply cannot feel alive, energised and happy if your body is malnourished and toxic. 

Eating an abundance of fresh, raw and organic food helps to address shortfalls in our nutrition. Raw organic food is free of toxic chemicals and contains an abundance of the intact, life-supporting nutrients – minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals, that our bodies need to combat disease and to thrive. 


See my blog, Raw Inspiration for your Health and Happiness for all the benefits of eating living foods. 


And when disease has hit, the message in healing centres throughout the world and in the raw food movement is clear:-

Flooding our bodies with an abundance of living nutrients allows our body to heal itself. Every delicious raw food meal can take us one step further from disease and one step closer to health.

There are numerous testimonials to the healing power of eating a predominantly raw food diet. Ordinary people have healed themselves from every modern disease including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, sinus problems, psoriasis, obesity, hormonal imbalances, cancer, fibromyalgia and immune system disorders.

These impressive tales of healing are related to the massive availability of nutrients in natures’ raw uncooked and unprocessed food.

Eating a diet high in raw food the body receives an abundance of living plant juices to hydrate and deeply nourish every cell; live enzymes to ensure the complete digestion of food and it’s delivery to every cell and organ in your body; alkaline minerals to maintain the delicate alkaline nature of the blood and hence a healthy inner environment and fibre and nutrients that naturally detoxify the body.

Come and join in the revolution! 
The Raw Food Revolution to vibrant health and happiness.

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Raw Food and Health Noosa
Raw Food and Fitness Noosa

Raw Food Inspiration


“Thank you so much for a fascinating day at your most recent Raw Luncheon. I have recently completed a weight loss program and although I have lost the weight I have been feeling nutritionally depleted. During the few hours spent with you, I learnt about the goodness of raw organic foods and importantly how to incorporate them into daily life. The dishes you prepared for us were absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try your recipes and also to experiment with some of my own. I feel I now have the skills to choose a more nutritious way of eating.”

- Chris, Sunshine Beach, Qld

“Kara’s enthusiasm and passion for raw food is very contagious! Which is delightful! And genuine! The amount of information Kara shared was HUGE. The food seemed to appear effortlessly and easily with each recipe being exciting (with the colour, texture, taste of goodness and yumminess). I know for me, the most wonderful benefit is the inspiration I took away from that day. I can see such a huge ripple effect from what Kara is presenting so beautifully. I am inspired, I try her recipes, I support the local farmers, my health improves and on it goes! Kara you are a blessing! Keep up your wonderful enthusiasm and spread your knowledge and love of raw food.”

- Suzie Donkin, Sunshine Beach, Qld

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