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How do we come to be who we are?

Hello beautiful clients and friends,

Have you ever thought about or been asked about your highest values in life? And do you have a passion, something that really lights you up? Perhaps it’s your work or your hobby? What is your “Mission” in life? Or you could say, what do you stand for?

Recently as I walked through the lush green forest of the National Park I found my mind pondering why I have such a strong impulse to share the message of freedom and joy and lightness in our bodies. It’s not as if I’ve experienced a traumatic childhood injury that left me immobilised for months, nor had my freedom curtailed in a dramatic way in my formative years.

I grew up flanked by brothers, so I was into every activity that they were… skate boarding, boogie-boarding, bounce ball, backyard cricket, badminton and riding a large flat board in the shallows of an ocean beach… what were those boards called again? And when I turned ten, I commenced gymnastics which became a love and a life for me for the next six years, as I joined the Victorian team to compete nationally.

So perhaps it was my active childhood that sparked my passion for the love of a body that moves freely.

My observation over many years has been that our essence, our drive, our ‘Mission’ in life is most often found in some expression in our childhood years.

But for me I think my passion goes deeper than that. When I really inquire about what drives me from deep within, it's 'Freedom’ that shines through most prominently, freedom in all aspects of life. And it seems that as a Physiotherapist, I’ve found a way to express that value through the body.

As I live longer I’m noticing that this impulse and desire to remain feeling light and free in my body, and to share this message, is becoming stronger. The thought of closing down, of not being able to move, whilst it doesn't scare me, certainly makes me want to move in the opposite direction. It motivates me to get on my yoga mat and move my body, to stretch and open and strengthen myself just enough, to be able to move through life with ease.

I’m always shocked and saddened when I see someone in their older years who can’t for example turn over in bed, or get up with ease from laying down.

And what has dropped in for me over the years, is that freedom of movement is both the essence and the outcome of practicing good Posture.

Posture = Freedom ~ for Life

But freedom isn’t the only value I’m passionate about. For me, beauty is right up there too. Not beauty in the classic way, but beauty born of honouring the Nature within us. I see and create beauty in my life. I appreciate beauty. Beauty uplifts me.

Posture is also about beauty for me. An upright posture is far more attractive to behold than a slumped and contracted posture. And there's beauty in a body that moves freely, no matter shape, size or age it is!

To maintain the freedom, openness and litheness of our human bodies is an act of love and beauty.

When I see someone slumping, not only do I find it unattractive, I feel uncomfortable in their presence. Not from a place of judgement but energetically. As an empath I can feel in my body, how blocked and restricted that person is in their body. It makes me want to swing my arms out wide, take a deep breath and stretch my spine to the sky! Sometimes I do that. Or I simply sit or stand even taller and ‘live by example’.

And when I'm with someone who is open in their body I feel a sense of expansion within me. We affect one another on the subtle level of energy much more than we might think.

Have you noticed this too? Do you respond differently to someone who is upright, tall and open in their body, compared to someone who is rounded and stiff? Do you feel different in their presence? It’s not about the look, it’s all about the feeling.

So what is my message for you today?

My message is to ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you have the freedom of movement that you’d like in your body?

  • Can you do all the things you want to do in life with ease?

  • Are there areas of your body that you know are stiffening up?

  • Do you slump or have a habit of standing on one leg?

  • Do you experience chronic aching pain in your ‘shoulder’s, neck, back, hips, knees or feet?

  • Is your spine feeling as free as it used to?

  • Do you want to feel vital and have the freedom to move with ease for as long as you live?

  • Are you ready to do something about any or all of the above now?

If your answer is yes, then book an appointment today.

And if you haven’t worked with me before on your Posture, I’m offering a free 15 minute phone chat to discuss your needs and make a plan.

Be aware of your body, align yourself to the best of your ability, and move your body where you know you’re stiff, every day.

And can you see the seeds of your life’s passion in your childhood? What are your highest values and your passion in life? I’d love to hear your comments.

Yours in freedom and beauty,


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