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If we want to feel joy it's a whole mind-body affair.

So if you're feeling physical pain, stressed, emotional or somewhat disconnected from yourself and your happiness ...
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What's On With Karakrista


Sunday 1st September

3.00pm - 5.30pm

30 Mary Street, Noosaville

Wednesday 4.30pm

Suitable for all levels of fitness

About Karakrista

Hi, I’m Karakrista and I’m passionate about helping you to experience comfort and freedom in your body and to remain healthy and active with the least amount of effort, for the longest time.


With over 30 years experience I bring a unique and holistic approach to wellness in body, mind and spirit. You'll find me living a relaxed, joyful and creative life in the beautiful sub-tropical paradise of Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast. Here, deeply steeped in embodied wisdom and passionate about helping others to experience vitality and joy in their lives, I offer:


Please call 0439 377 764, or email to find out how I can help you to live more vibrantly alive in your body.

JoyQ Services

Karakrista is one of Noosa's most respected physiotherapists with over 30 years experience.
Services include hot stone massage, relaxation, deep tissue, remedial, sports specific and more.
Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa flow yoga for private or group classes.
Find deep stillness and inner calm.
JOYQ Retreats
Find comfort with a small group. This holistic program is designed to touch every aspect of your happiness and health.
Raw Food
Learn raw food recipes and their benefits at one of my workshops.
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JOYQ is the term I've created to describe our inner capacity for experiencing ease and joy. Are you comfortable in your body? Do you move freely and powerfully? Is your mind calm and centered in body awareness? Do you find joy in the simple moments of your everyday life?


The essence of JOYQ is to follow the natural design and rhythms of our body and mind. It supports us to ease pain, align our spine, find our true centre and experience feelings of peace and authenticity in our daily life. Through the practice of JOYQ we access deep body wisdom and move beyond the usual daily states of our mind-body to discover a divine essence of joy that resides naturally in each and every one of our living cells.

Combining Physiotherapy, Yogic practice and philosophy, Psychotherapy and the ancient and modern wisdom of Meditation, JOYQ enhances our self awareness and brings balance and harmony within.



benefits of living the JoyQ Way
  • Ease pain and tension and prevent injury

  • Create balanced freedom of movement in your spine

  • Develop relaxed, fluid posture, honouring your bodies natural design

  • Experience being centred and resting deeply, comfortably in yourself

  • Transform painful emotions and negative thinking

  • Discover your reservoir of inner peace

  • Through greater self-awareness, deepen the love and intimacy in your relationships

  • Feel whole, happy and fulfilled with a life you love.

Discover More About Karakrista 

For over three decades I’ve helped thousands of people to enhance their health holistically and experience greater vitality, peace of mind and joy. So if you’re ready to heal your pain, feel more vital and change what’s not working for you to unleash your inherent JOY for life, then I invite you to come on an experience with me: