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Unleash your vitality, feel centred and discover your
wellspring of inner JOY for life......naturally


Vitality and joy is a whole mind-body affair.

So if you're feeling physical pain, stressed, emotional or somewhat disconnected from yourself and your happiness ...
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What's On With Karakrista

 Physiotherapy consultations for posture and vitality


do you have bad posture?

Spinal alignment and mobility are the key to health and vitality through the ages.

It's never too late, so start NOW!

yogaphysio class

new dates coming soon

Suitable for all levels of fitness.

 Align, centre, mobilise and 

strengthen your spine

Do You Run a Yoga Studio?


Contact Karakrista to run one of her specialised workshops at your studio. 

  • Yoga & Posture

  • Spinal Health and Functional Anatomy 

  • The Energetic Centre

These workshops take your students on a physical and spiritual journey to injury-free postural balance, a centred mind and body and enhanced yoga practice for life.

About Karakrista

Hi, I’m Karakrista and I’m passionate about helping you to experience comfort in your body and to remain active and vital... with a body that moves freely...  with the least amount of effort...  for the longest time.


With over 30 years experience I bring a unique and holistic approach to wellness in body, mind and spirit. You'll find me living a relaxed, joyful and creative life in the beautiful sub-tropical paradise of Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast. Here, deeply steeped in embodied wisdom and passionate about helping others to experience vitality and joy in their lives, I offer:


Please call 0439 377 764, or email to find out how I can help you to live more vibrantly alive in your body.


Karakrista is one of Noosa's most respected physiotherapists with over 30 years experience.
Services include hot stone massage, relaxation, deep tissue, remedial, sports specific and more.
Postural alignment Vinyasa flow yoga for private or group classes.
Yoga & Posture Workshops
Find comfort with a small group. This holistic program is designed to touch every aspect of your happiness and health.
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benefits of a consultation with karakrista 

In a consultation with Karakrista you'll learn how your spinal alignment is affecting your entire body and every aspect of your wellbeing, from the ease and freedom of movement in your body to your digestion and nervous system.


​When you bring your spine into balanced alignment with the never-sleeping force of gravity, you will find that tensions melt away and strength and mobility gradually increase with the least effort on your behalf. 


See Karakrista to: 

  • Relieve pain and tension

  • Increase your mobility effortlessly for greater vitality

  • Prevent the build up of tension and disease

  • Feel relaxed with fluid posture that honours your bodies natural design

  • Experience feeling centred, resting comfortably in yourself

  • Look younger, more youthful with upright, statuesque posture!

  • Most of all feel good, feel alive, live joyously in your body!

Discover More About Karakrista 

For over three decades I’ve helped thousands of people to enhance their health holistically and experience greater vitality, peace of mind and joy. So if you’re ready to heal your pain, feel more vital and change what’s not working for you to unleash your inherent joy for life, then I invite you to come on an experience with me: