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Feeling vital and joyful is a whole mind-body affair.

So if you're feeling physical pain, stressed or disconnected from yourself and your happiness ...
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Meet Karakrista 

Kara Krista Physiotherapy Noosa

Hi, I’m Karakrista and through my specialised approach to the spine, body alignment and the development of emotional intelligence I help you to experience long lasting comfort in your body and mind. 


My work assists you to remain flexible, strong and vital... with a body that moves freely...  with the least amount of effort...  for the longest time. And to live a life of graceful growth and expansion, through being open energetically to allowing the fullness of life to move through you.. with wisdom and love. 


With over 30 years experience I bring a unique and holistic approach to wellness in body, mind and spirit. You'll find me living a relaxed, active and creative life in the beautiful sub-tropical paradise of Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast. I love to connect with loved ones and the earth, swim the ocean, soak up the bush on long walks, hike breathless up remote mountains, bathe in crystal clear mountain waters, practice yoga inside and out and to share fabulous healthy wholefoods... with just about anyone. And...


Deeply steeped in embodied wisdom, I'm passionate about helping you to experience vitality and joy in your life, by offering:


Please call 0439 377 764, or email to find out how I can help you to live more vibrantly alive in your body.


What's On With Karakrista






Choose a class designed for your needs... back pain, tight hips, relaxation, general toning... slow, Yin or Vinyasa flow. 

digestive issues?

Feeling sluggish & tired?

Digestive visceral therapy


Ease abdominal symptoms,

rejuvenate your digestion

enhance your energy

A holistic and powerful combination of skilled Massage, Visceral Manipulation and Acupressure.





Say Goodbye to Back Pain


This is my all-time favourite spinal accessory! I use them regularly with great effect. BakBalls are a self-treatment device that enable you to easily and effectively relieve back and neck pain. They are scientifically designed to provide a therapeutic manipulative force directly onto the spine, accessing some of the most commonly painful areas. 


The award-winning BakBalls are a safe, effective and professionally-credible product, designed by an expert Sports Physiotherapist to the Australian Olympic team, endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), and registered as a Class 1 Medical Device by the TGA and FDA. 


Available in Regular or Firm

BakBalls unique patented design allows you to exert localised pressure directly onto stiff painful joints and tight muscles, replicating a Physiotherapy treatment. Using BakBalls daily can both help ease and prevent back pain in the long term by assisting you to achieve and maintain more ideal sitting and standing postures.



Shipping Included

benefits of a consultation with karakrista 
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In a consultation with Karakrista you'll learn how your spinal alignment is affecting your entire body and every aspect of your wellbeing, from your freedom of movement to your digestion and nervous system.


Or if it's emotional stress you're experiencing you'll learn how to navigate your emotions with ease and understanding, developing a new appreciation for each ones unique purpose in your emotional evolution. 


See Karakrista to: 

  • Relieve musculoskeletal pain and tension

  • Increase your mobility for greater vitality

  • Prevent the build up of tension and disease

  • Feel relaxed with fluid posture that honours your bodies natural design

  • Relieve abdominal pain and enhance your digestion

  • Ease emotional stress

  • Experience feeling an authentic, calm presence and peace of mind

  • Look younger, more youthful with upright, effortless posture!

  • Most of all feel good, feel alive, live life joyously!

Discover More About My Services

For over three decades I’ve helped thousands of people to enhance their health holistically and experience greater vitality, peace of mind and joy. So if you’re ready to heal your pain, feel more vital and change what’s not working for you to unleash your inherent joy for life, then I invite you to come on an experience with me:

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  • Treat yourself to Therapeutic Massage in Sunrise Beach to soothe your body and mind.

  • A local? Book a private Yoga class and receive a program personal to you, under expert supervision. 

  • Anxious? Restless? Stressed? Book in for a series of personal Meditation sessions.

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