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Find out what 2014 holds for you.

Find out what 2014 holds for you.

Hello beautiful friends,

Happy New Year and thank you to all those people from all around the world who’ve signed up for the RawJOY Newsletter. It’s wonderful to receive your emails in reply and such a thrill to know that I’m connecting with people from many diverse countries.

So I’m starting this year with a big THANK YOU, a fitting sentiment, as you will soon realise……

It’s a new year, a new day and a new moment. And whilst all that we ever have is completely contained in this moment, when we’re growing and changing it can take the sum of many moments. So I have a little ritual I’d like to share with you that acknowledges this slow and steady process of transformation and 'becoming'. I do this at the start of every year and you might like to do for yourself.


For 13 years now, every year around New Year, I ask the Universe for a sign.

I ask:

“What am I learning this year?

What’s in store for me in the next episode of my soul’s journey?

What new energy am I embodying?”

And without fail, within a couple of days, something I see, or hear, or read or feel jumps out at me and lingers irrepressibly in my mind as my sign or theme for the year.

Being such a nature girl a lot of my signs have been from nature and the animal kingdom such as a butterfly, a lizard, a leaf and a hippopotamus. One was a symbol which looked a lot like the letter “W”. Others have been words like “Smooth Surrender” and “Shine”.


So what does this all mean?

Well in the year of the butterfly, which is a symbol of transformation, I moved up to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne where I had just experienced several quiet years immersed in lots of meditation, somewhat like being in a ‘cocoon’ you could say …

In my year of “Smooth Surrender” I found myself having to take a leap of faith and really learnt what it meant to “Let Go and Let God”. (Everything worked out beautifully by the way).

I didn’t actually spot a live hippo anywhere locally, but I found a plastic one on the beach, probably from a Christmas bonbon. Hippos are about creativity, new ideas and dreams. That’s the year I created the Raw Food Lunches and connected with my love of teaching.

It took me some time to connect with the meaning of the letter ‘W’ last year but eventually I just knew that it stood for WRITING… as I not only discovered my love of writing but also reconnected with my desire to write a book on The JoyQ Way.

So this year on the morning of the first of January whilst having a coffee with a friend, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t asked for my sign yet. So I did so right there and then.

Meanwhile, for the previous two days, having just returned from a wonderful Christmas with my family in Melbourne, I had been basking in a delicious state of spontaneous gratitude for my family, my friends, my home, my work, the beautiful ‘Sunny’ coast… just for life. I’ve never quite experienced this feeling of gratitude so strongly before.

I feel JOYful often but this was definitely GRATITUDE… an appreciation for life that seemed to be coming through new eyes and a revitalised heart… just delicious as I said. So after yet another day of revelling in this delightful energy I realised that this was it- it’s my sign for this year.

I just love how the Universe delivers answers to me in so many different ways. 
This year through a FEELING.

So my guiding energy for 2014 is GRATITUDE. Nice.


Want to try it out?

Just ask the Universe today.

Then remain aware and relaxed.

And let it go.

You’ll know when you’ve found it. Something ‘hits’ you and stays. You might not always understand it at first, but write it down and watch how your life unfolds over the year.

There’s nothing you have to do. Just be aware, open your heart, nourish your body and soul and live your life to the full. Every so often remind yourself of your sign and ask how this quality could be useful or relevant to your life’s unfolding journey. It’s so exciting when what emerged all those months ago, becomes an unforeseen reality in your life. These signs invariably offer us a key in challenging times or enrich our lives in some way.

With practice you will learn to recognise the language of the Universe so you can ask for help and advice anytime. 
And perhaps the greatest gift we can receive from this is the ability to trust in a power greater than ourselves………in a kind and benevolent Universe.

Wishing you all a fabulous year full of, of course, JOY.

In deep JOYful gratitude,

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