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Happy … relaxed Christmas from RawJOY

Hello beautiful friends,

I hope this finds you all having a fabulous time and enJOYing the Christmas festivities and for those who may be going through a challenging time in some way now, then my heart-felt wishes are flying on the breeze to you right now. So take a deep breath and know that there’s love and support all around you, always.

Well it’s been a “while between drinks” as they say and for good reason. I’ve taken an unapologetic break from being superwoman.

I remember asking myself many months ago, how can I do all of this? – work two jobs, write, meditate, practice yoga, walk, swim in the azure ocean just 300 metres away, prepare fabulous food, maintain a gorgeous home, look after my plants and garden, enJOY social time with my friends, have moments for spontaneity, creativity and sheer daydreaming and still maintain my inner peace. Oh and there’s the sewing I still haven’t done for a year!

I tried really hard to breathe and breathe and breathe and still do it all. But it didn’t work. There came a day when my body started screaming out in it’s own unique way for 2013 and besides the physical symptoms, I realised that I was just plain exhausted. So since my last blog to you I’ve been resting, healing, slowing down and regaining my balance.

I know there’s a lot of people who say that balance is over-rated and doesn’t really exist, that we’re always in a state of imbalance and life is the delicate art of constantly re-negotiating our lives to find the centre.

It’s a pretty good argument and one that makes me feel a lot better about my recent foray into the desert. However what I’ve learnt too, as I now dance a-top a wonderful lush field of daisies, with work in one hand and fun in the other, both feet firmly on the ground and my face smiling, uplifted to the sun, is, that…

It takes a whole lot of discipline, but balance is achievable.

I discovered that the most important aspect for me for maintaining balance was to make sure that rest and fun don’t get delegated to the bottom of the list. That’s where I got off track. Work started to infiltrate every area of my life and squeeze the other bits out of the picture.

When I’m well rested and I have plenty of good times to bring a smile to my face and to simply be with the people I love, then everything else works.

My cup is refreshed and re-filled, my mind is clear and life just flows in it’s own fascinating rhythm. Things get done, people show up when you need them and doorways open at just the right time.

So I’m turning back to Zen for my mantra for the new year.

“When hungry eat, when tired sleep” (Zen proverb)
(“And schedule in the fun.” Karakrista)

What this ancient proverb is essentially saying is to listen to your body and follow it. I admit, I did override my body whilst attempting to achieve my goals … to my detriment and embarrassment, as this is precisely what I teach NOT to do! But the ‘ground’ is constantly changing in life… with new things to learn and do all the time and so we must show compassion for ourselves for these moments when we lose our centre and topple out of balance. Certainly I’m not beating myself up, just gently guiding myself back to the right path.

So how’s your life balance? Are you feeling centred, energised and happy? If not, if you feel that something is a bit out of whack in your life then check your life balance with this list. Which pillar do you need to embrace more and nurture in your life?

The 8 Pillars of Life Balance

1. Physical Health & Fitness- sleep, exercise, nutrition, massage

2. Emotional Health- self-responsibility, self-empowerment, peace, happiness, personal growth, support, meditation, contemplation, time out

3. Spiritual Health- values, purpose, connection with the earth and nature, philanthropy

4. Friends and Family- quality time to connect and share

5. Home Environment- care and maintenance

6. Career/Work – stimulating, challenging and fulfilling

7. Financial Stability

8. Fun & Recreation

So whilst there hasn’t been a lot happening in your inbox in the last few months, behind the scenes things have been evolving at RawJOY. Check out the RawJOY website. It has a whole new facelift and you can find out more about ‘The JOYQ Way’ Workshops, which will commence in February 2014.

Meanwhile, why not come over and say hi on Facebook where I post JOYful inspiration and raw food goodness most days.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas celebration with the spirit of renewal, re-birth, family and new beginnings and I so look forward to meeting you back here in the new year. Meanwhile, don’t let your scales tip too far out of balance this Christmas.

Blessings, Love and of course JOY

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