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Raw Inspiration for your Health & Happiness

Are you a little low on energy, mood and motivation? Want more?

Maybe you’re feeling fatigued, have a few niggling aches and pains, are carrying a bit of extra weight, not sleeping too well, feeling a bit down and depressed or…

Perhaps you have arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes or one of the many “modern day” diseases?

Hello beautiful friends,

Well if you’ve answered yes to any of the above then, this blog is for you. Get ready to be informed and inspired and to rush out and buy vegetables!

If you want to increase your energy, lose weight, relieve pain and disease, move more freely, sleep better, feel more calm and be spontaneously happy and more motivated…..there is a simple, easy, inexpensive and enduring way to bring these positive benefits to you and your life.

The answer is food, real food.
“The field of cellular biology claims that less than 2% of ALL disease is genetic. This means that 98% of ALL disease is preventable through lifestyle and health design.” Dr. Bruce Lipton, ‘The Wisdom of Your Cells’.

My guess is that the other 2% of disease is probably preventable too but we just don’t know how yet! So yes it’s official and we all really know it now, that what we put into our mouths every day, affects everything – our health, how we feel, our weight, our energy, our moods, our relationships and our motivation for living.

The Raw Food Luncheons I’m presenting have been so well received with so many people happily educated, inspired, satiated and taking their health and happiness to new levels, that I’m inspired to write to you to share some of the information and important discoveries that make raw food such a healing and life enhancing choice for body, mind and spirit.

So here’s your Raw Inspiration for vibrant health and happiness:-

For healing, food, real food that you can recognize, is the number one tool. Only real, whole food builds up the strength of the body at a cellular level. At healing and detoxification centers around the world, food is the primary medicine along with green supplements such as wheat and barley grass juices.

Our body recognizes real food. Natural whole foods contain 1000’s of micronutrients which all work synergistically together, so when we eat real, whole and especially raw foods we absorb the food better. We are incapable of replicating this because most of the 1000’s of nutrients are yet to be discovered. So the number one rule is to eat only the real thing. Reduce or eliminate all processed, packaged, refined and bottled foods and anything you can’t recognize in the form that nature made it. And only rely on supplements (anything that comes in a bottle) as the name suggests, as a – supplement.

TIP:- Gets lots of greens into you in green juices, green smoothies and salads.


Fruits Greens Salads Vegetables Herbs Nuts Seeds Oils Sprouts Sea vegetables Fermented foods ‘Superfoods’

These are your raw choices. There are endless varieties of plant-based foods as well as ways that you can eat them raw, once you get some knowhow. Did you know that fruits and vegetables contain half the calories of grains, legumes and animal protein? So consume more of them and save on calories. A great weight loss tactic.

TIP:- Don’t wait until dinner to get some fresh, alive, raw vegetables into you. Eat fruit for breakfast and a salad every day for lunch. Cut up enough salad for two days and keep it in the fridge so it’s ready to go.


Whatever we eat is either being used to build healthy cells in our body or it’s being detoxified and taken out of the body. So when we’re eating we have to think- “Am I building a healthy cell with what’s going in or am I just going to have to get rid of it?” Non-organic foods sprayed with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides create work for the body to detoxify and hence detract from the available nutrients that the food is supplying to feed and nourish the cells.

Organic foods are grown in mineral-rich soils making the plants and their harvest healthier, stronger and more nutrient-rich than conventional foods. You’re also helping the environment and future generations with every organic choice you make as organic farming enriches the soil, promoting biodiversity and greater sustainability.

TIP:- These foods are some of the most heavily sprayed with chemicals so start your organic selection with these:- celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, capsicum, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes and grapes.


(i) Raw food is full of water and vital juices.

Notice the next time that you eat a snow pea, just how much juicy liquid there is in it. With cooking, the first thing that is lost from food, is the water content and vital juices. However we are not only losing vital nutrition through cooking but also making it more difficult for us to digest our food. Our body’s way of absorbing food is to convert everything to a liquid. So when food is cooked, losing it’s natural juices, it creates more work for our digestive system to transform that food into a usable liquid form to be absorbed.

(ii) Raw food is full of enzymes.

Heat destroys enzymes. When food is cooked above 60 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit the enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes are the body’s spark plugs, catalysts and transformers. Enzymes are responsible for digestive processes, cellular energy, supporting immune function and promoting circulation and detoxification. They break our food down so that we can absorb it readily. Without adequate enzymes undigested material builds up in the body creating:- • weight gain • inflammation • stagnation • digestive stress • fatigue.

(iii) Raw food promotes a healthy immune system.

Eating cooked food weakens the immune system. When we eat cooked food our immune system reacts to it as a toxin because cooking changes the natural composition of the food and may introduce other substances too, like rancid oil. Eating cooked food, the body’s immune system mounts a response called “leukocytosis”, where it generates white blood cell activity against the cooked food. In the 1930’s Dr Paul Kouchakoff found that eating a minimum of 51% raw foods prevented Leukocytosis from occurring.

TIP:- So as a start on your raw journey, enhance your digestion, fuel your body with powerful live enzymes and rest or boost your immune system with 51+% raw this way:- eat 70% fruits for breakfast and only 30% grain or protein, eat a large salad for lunch with a small portion of grain or protein, have raw vegetables chopped up to nibble on before eating a small dinner (as you wont need as much then). Try cucumber, celery, carrot, capsicum, fennel, radish and mushrooms. Serve with a raw dip. Remember to chew well.

Well that’s probably enough raw food education and inspiration for one blog. I’m sure you’re getting the message loud and clear.

To heal, to restore, to thrive, for anti-aging and for vitality, we need lots of fresh, living, organic, whole raw foods.

So see what changes you can make to enhance your health through natures’ abundant and beautiful, organic, alive, raw food and please don’t hesitate to email or call me with any enquiries. The next Raw Lunch is on May 26th. Watch out for early bird offers in early May. To your abundant good health and happiness,


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