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Happy New Effortless Year

Hello beautiful friends,

As the first suns of the new year arise, I find myself in a state of calm excitement.

Reflecting on the year that's passed, the theme for my entire year was about relaxing into life, letting go and surrendering. I know I needed a rest, but it was so much more than just resting... From the first few weeks in January 2017, I felt a new energy come through, an energy that invited me to soften and be, rather than the old story that goes something like "toughen up" and do something! As I allowed myself to feel into this state and follow the energy of my body, though it was strange for me to lighten up my grip on the reigns, especially in business, I discovered that I rather liked it. And it's so interesting to report that the only real difficulty I experienced with this practice came from the inner workings of my mind. When I relaxed, let go, rested more, took the heat off "achieving" or "progress", reduced my working hours and lived in the moment, doing only what was necessary for the daily running of life and business, my only pain was in my thinking... thinking that I SHOULD BE DOING MORE! I did so much less in life - worried less, fussed less, judged less, cleaned less, held onto things less (all the should've or could've 'dones' as well as personal relationship 'stuff'), worked less, gave out less and I certainly spent less money. And nothing fell apart in my life, rather my life expanded. Through consciously practicing "letting go", the paradigm of "rightness and wrongness" slowly released more of it's hold on me and I moved towards a greater acceptance and love of myself and others exactly as they are.

With little to no effort on my behalf, my life and business not only continued to flow, but my relationships deepened and new opportunities and ventures unfolded effortlessly. With less effort, my life still grew. Could there be some wisdom in that? Absolutely! This is a theme I've been playing with for years, but never more so than this year. The theme of... Relaxing. Doing less. Being more conscious in each moment. Deepening my inner connection. Allowing the dust to settle, the waters to clear and the static, the unnecessary or the superfluous to fade away. Letting go... to OPEN up... to MORE and NEW possibilities. Trusting my inner Light to guide and the Universe to provide. And letting the magic unfold.

So despite my passivity, lots of laying down, day-dreaming and at times being a tad too swallowed up by the video fodder on Netflix, it was without effort this year that I created the new Workshop "Yoga & Posture", teaching it four times to a fully booked venue with minimal marketing and great feedback. Without lifting a finger I was asked to present at the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival and then followed that up with the YogaFest in Brisbane. I also added a new skill for my Physiotherapy clients, Dry Needling, which is having great results. The most important aspect of all however, TRUMPING ALL 'ACHIEVEMENTS' and DEVELOPMENTS is that ...

I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! I feel relaxed and centred. I feel greater ease permeating all aspects of me- my thoughts, feelings, my body and my life. I feel more gentle and loving. I know myself more and judge myself less. I'm more open to life, yet also more discerning as to how I engage with it and in it.

And I feel recharged and ready for a more balanced year this year, equal parts relaxed and active.

So this might just be about me. Perhaps I needed to strive less, push less, worry less, fear less. Yes, my inner voice says. But isn't this also what we all crave? To feel-

Calm Peaceful Relaxed Trusting Connected Nourished Authentic To live well, healthily, happily and purposefully WITHOUT EFFORT?

So can you take something from this too? Could you spend more time with yourself? Go deeper? Truly listen to your body? Would doing less and creating more space in your life be good for you... your health, your state of mind, your emotions, your relationships, your business? Does self- nurturing feature in your life ... at all? If so what does it look like? Or could you do with more?


  • relaxing

  • slowing down

  • laying under a tree just listening to the wind and the birds

  • long walks on the beach

  • meditation or contemplation

  • days to do nothing or whatever you want to do spontaneously

  • regular massage or body work

  • yoga

  • time to lovingly prepare nourishing food and eat it slowly

  • reading

  • enjoying a video or three

  • fun

  • self-development or skill training, immersing yourself in educational, transformational and/or inspiring workshops or retreats

  • creative hobby time

As the new year begins I'm grateful... grateful to be alive and grateful for all of you... the wonderful people that fill my life, my calendar, my thoughts and my heart. No matter how you spend your life, it's the people in it that matter most and that includes YOU!!! Make YOURSELF a priority in 2018. The more we nurture our inner life the greater our outer experience of health, success, love and JOY!

Do less, Experience more.

Do less, Achieve more.

With great excitement fuelled by my new mental perspective and energetic state I'm ready to create, express and share another year around the sun with you. Wishing you great happiness in 2018. With love & JOY!

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