Use your 'belly'...

Hello beautiful friends,

Several years ago I recall a meditation student asking me the question - "just how do I feel my emotions?" And we regularly hear the term "listen to your body", but what does this really mean?"

Would you be surprised to hear that not only do you not just have one brain, you actually have three! Yes science recognises three brains in our body. And the very first brain, the one that is the first to evolve in the awe-inspiring process of becoming a human being in our mothers' womb, is the brain in the belly, the "Enteric Brain". It's through this brain that we feel our emotions and hear the subtle whispers from our deep body experience and wisdom. Gut instinct", having "gall" and many other terms make reference to this highly intelligent neural infused centre in our abdomen. And the ancient yogis were on to it. They discovered that all the most subtle pathways for information, communication and nourishment arose from our gut.

Whilst the cranial brain is the centre of male values of action, control, systemisation, theory and metaphysics the enteric brain expresses the female values of conscious being, harmony, connection and our relationship with the world.

We need the awareness and aliveness of both the masculine and the feminine but clearly our current way of life has steered us in the direction of the head. It's now time to restore our intrinsic balance. (BTW your third brain is your heart).

The Enteric brain in the belly, what I call the Centre, provides the impetus for healthy self care, postural alignment and dietary choices. It also provides guidance to prevent the build up of stress and tension which leads to disease and ageing in both body and mind... when we're attuned to it.

We can tune into our Centre in many ways because just like our cranial brain, it connects with every part of the body and every aspect of our being.

We can physically align ourselves and practice abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing.

We can drop into our body and feel every nuance of our emotional responses to life as we rest our awareness here.

And we can consciously practice choosing balance, calmness and a holistic approach to life.

The Benefits of Centering

When we align our physical body at this Centre in our belly, known as the Nobhu or Kanda in yogic philosophy, the whole structure of the body falls into alignment calibrating all muscles to the perfect functioning tension and alleviating stress throughout our entire being.

At an energetic level, we become more relaxed, integrating our bodily sensations and emotions into our awareness and thinking so that we live from a more embracing and holistic perspective.

The Benefits of being in tune with our Centre and belly brain include:

  • relief of pain,

  • less shoulder and neck tension,

  • relief from headaches,

  • spinal balance,

  • decreased lower back pain,

  • increased freedom of movement,

  • greater strength from the synergistic action of the entire body,

  • a deeper and more efficient breath pattern,

  • enhanced diaphragmatic breathing,

  • greater relaxation,

  • improved balance,

  • enhanced digestion,

  • potential for increased metabolism,

  • greater calmness of mind,

  • greater detachment and less reactivity to others and life,

  • expanded awareness,

  • a more holistic perception of ourselves, others and the world,

  • the growth of wisdom.

When we're centred, our mind is calm, our body is relaxed and our awareness is amplified, causing time to slow down, life to expand and our joys to grow.

The Yoga & Posture Workshop Series explore Posture, the Centre, Core Stability and Blissful meditations embracing the unique insights of the head with your body's genius.

See this website for all the details of living with at least two of your brains working in harmony together.