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Do you know that inner peace inspires JOY?

Hello beautiful friends,

Today I'm sharing with you a great “Truth”, i.e. the paradox, that to find JOY we need to cultivate inner peace.

The key to experiencing a natural flow of JOY from within is in first creating the fertile ground of inner peace.

When you think about it, it’s quite obvious isn’t it, that if you have a great deal of angst, stress, inner turmoil and conflict going on, then clearly it will be difficult to access states of JOY?

Then … JOY arises spontaneously,awang here that stems from the knowledge that, through the practice of cultivating inner peace, we can develop an expanded sense of self-awareness, self-knowledge and inner connection. We have to be quiet, at least some of the time, to develop inner peace and in the silence, our awareness grows, connecting us with the deepest aspects of our nature and conversely deepening the intimacy of our connection with life itself. ‘As above, so below’ or as Panache Desai says:-

“Your life explodes externally to the degree you are connected internally.”

Then … JOY arises spontaneously.

When we're deeply connected within, joy arises initially and predominantly from experiencing more meaningful relationships, since your relationship with yourself is the basis of all other relationships. Then over time, as this continues joy arises from an enhanced appreciation of the interconnectedness that exists between all living things in the Universe.

We may all know this at a conceptual level. But the difference is, with the regular practice of the silence and the stillness that you experience in Savasana (deep relaxation) after a yoga session or in a meditation session, you get to experience it first-hand. And from this moment forth, your life will never be the same.

The moment you have that ‘Aha’ experience of truly sensing and feeling with your whole being that all beings are One and all of life is One, transformation occurs at a very deep level and your life takes on a different and magical hue. Appreciation for nature grows, your love of wild animals is palpable and the JOY of relating and being with others expands exponentially.

It’s connection that brings happiness and JOY. We are tribal beings, made to share, made to give and take and made to laugh and create together. The essence of Life is a dance of harmony and cooperation between all living beings.

So if this resonates with you and sparks your interest …

If you’re craving greater inner peace and calm …

Or you feel that your sense of connection with yourself is lacking or languishing …

Then click here to BOOK today for a one-on-one Yoga or Meditation session.

JOY in long, slow, deep breaths and silence,

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