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Join the JoyQ Retreat March 20th 2016

Hello beautiful friends,


Happy New ‘Fire Monkey’ Year! We’ve just entered the Chinese New Year and guess what? It’s my year. I was born (a while ago) in the year when the fire element and the monkey got together making for a dangerous but exciting combination of high energy, fun, adventure and passion.

But all that excitement isn’t just for me. We can all use the energy of this year to step up and out of the ordinary and create something new and wonderful especially and MOST IMPORTANTLY within the domain of our own minds. Get ready for this ladies, you’ll love it…

The most powerful thing you can do to enhance the quality of your life is to… change your mind!

And we’re experts at that or so the stereotype goes… But seriously, having the knowhow and ability to really transform the quality of your day-to-day thoughts … that’s pure Gold!

It’s well documented now in the research into psychology, meditation and mindfulness training that the quality of our thoughts affect everything from our physical health including digestion, metabolism, healing, body weight, even flexibility, to our moods, decision-making, energy, vitality and happiness. Our thoughts are literally the spark plugs for everything we feel, create and manifest in life.

The really good news is that nature is truly on our side because our thoughts are actually the greatest aspect of life that we have dominion over.

But changing your mind isn’t as simple as just changing your thoughts. It’s takes practice to make an effective and beneficial impact on the myriad of unconscious patterns of thinking that each and every one of us house in the fathomless archives of our mind. And it takes skill…

We all need a bit of help…

This is where I come in. The JoyQ Meditation and Mindfulness training I’ve developed over the last decade, teaches you how to change your thoughts and your emotions at the source.

When the blues come over you, when anxiety arises, when your mind works overtime wrestling with someone or something that annoys or angers you, when you’re in a funk and nothing looks rosy, the JoyQ training gives you the tools to transform your thinking AND your emotions and reconnect with your innate lightness of being. Life was meant to be easy. And can be when you know how.

So if you’re ready for an injection of potent, positive energy and to be empowered to take charge of how you think and feel to ENHANCE the HAPPINESS, PEACE AND HARMONY you experience in your life every day then join me for the JoyQ Retreat now in March. I’ve also extended the day by half an hour at no extra cost so that you can arrive fasting and enjoy a full day of raw food cleansing, healing and nourishing goodness.

JoyQ Retreat March 20th 8.30am – 4.00pm $225 (includes a raw and vegan lunch) Early Bird $195 before 5/3/16

Here’s the program for the day:-

8.30am: Arrive (fasting)- Welcome & Green Smoothie 8.45am: Introduction & Intention Setting 9.15am: Awareness Meditation & Mindfulness Training 10.15am: Raw Food Snacks 10.30am: Calm your Mind: Transform your Thoughts 11.15am: Love your Emotions: Breathwork & Centering 12.00pm: Conscious Evolution: Change the way you Feel for the better 12.30pm – 1.30pm: Raw & Vegan Lunch 1.30pm: Meditation for Pain Relief 2.15pm: Yoga for Every Body- a simple sequence of essential pranayama (breathing) and asana (poses) for peace of mind, spinal health and healing. 3.00pm: Deep Rest & Regeneration 3.30pm: Integration into Your Life 3.45pm: Sweet Celebration / Q & A 4.00pm: The Beginning of your New Life.

Go to the website for more details and don’t hesitate to call me (0439 377 764) or email me with any questions or queries you might have. And if you’re ready to Go Play, Be Daring..


With joyful love,

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