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Is it time to discover more joy in your life?

Hello beautiful friends,
Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day with JOY in your heart...
feeling empowered and free to be all of yourself.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be calm and JOYful and ...
feel that life is a pleasure to live every day?

Do you crave to be free of restless and incessant thoughts and find peace of mind?
Would you like to manage your emotions with ease and face lifes’ challenges feeling calm and centered?
Or do you know that there’s so much more to you, but you just can’t find a way to release the bondages and set yourself free?

If we haven’t met yet, hello, my name is Karakrista.

About 20 years ago I would have said yes to all of the questions above.

I experienced lots of drama in my life…

felt emotionally wound up, over-reacting to life’s events …

had a (too) busy mind and …

just wasn’t being the person I KNEW I COULD AND WANTED TO BE.

It’s interesting that many people at that time still thought I was happy and bubbly, however, I was on a rocky rollercoaster ride internally and I craved to get off.

Have you ever felt that way?

Is there more going on beneath the surface in you than meets the eye?

Meanwhile somewhere deep inside me, there was a spark that said, there’s just got to be a way out of this ‘mud’, a way to peace and JOY.

And so I dived whole-heartedly into all manner of personal development courses, psychotherapy, meditation, spiritual healing, Taoism, Buddhism and too many other ‘isms’ to mention.

There I found a whole lot of people just like me and you… normal people, people with families, successful people, creative people, men, women, young people, fathers, mothers, retired people, daughters… all looking for the same thing…


to my utter JOY I found it!

I discovered that you can change the way you feel…

you can calm a busy mind…

you can feel good, happy and JOYful in life EVERY DAY.


I remember emerging from one of my first courses with a palpable and beautiful sense of peace and JOY in my heart that I never knew was possible before that moment. Hence I didn’t know how much it was missing!

So with a thirst for more, I continued on the path of healing and gaining wisdom, slowly piecing together all the most profound spiritual and psychological teachings that I was learning over these years and putting them into practice every day. It took some years to resolve much of my angst, however having found the wisdom and the skills I needed, my journey instead of being arduous, became an exciting adventure of self-discovery, freedom and JOY.

Eventually I created my own process of self-transformation – ‘The JoyQ Way’ which gave me the comfort, insights and signposts to follow taking out the guesswork and being my constant guide.

Now today, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been…

I never imagined that I could feel this good…

and every aspect of my life just works ... so much better.

So is this resonating with you?…

would you like to learn a ‘way’ to resolve difficult emotions…

clear your head…

feel fully alive…

really know and feel JOY through every juicy cell in your body…

and be your true self, that fabulous person I know and you know, you can be?

Then join me for ‘The JoyQ Way’ Workshop where I’ll be sharing all the tools and the wisdom I used to create the peace and joy I enjoy today.

This workshop is for you if you are:-

  • motivated to find more JOY in your life every day

  • exhausted by a mind that never stops

  • finding that worry, fear and negative thoughts are getting you down

  • easily reduced to tears or irritated by little things

  • feeling anxious and don’t know why or can’t find your way out of it

  • tired of feeling tired and not having the energy to do all the things you want to do

  • feeling overwhelmed in life and unable to cope with your day-to-day obligations

  • searching for meaning in life, knowing there’s got to be more than this

  • looking for like-minded people to help you on your journey to greater happiness

  • disillusioned- you’ve tried lots of things, none of them worked and you’re still feeling down

You’ll learn how to :-

  • practice a powerful meditation technique to transform discomfort to JOY

  • access your essential spiritual nature and intuition (where peace and JOY live naturally)

  • enhance your mindfulness in your day-to-day life

  • calm your mind from it’s endless chatter

  • heal and resolve emotions from the past

  • discover the purpose of your emotions

  • free yourself from inner tensions and disharmony in both your mind and body

  • increase your physical energy and aliveness

  • express yourself authentically and powerfully

  • feel empowered to be your real self and all of yourself.

So come and join me to learn these profoundly valuable understandings and skills to master your mind, your emotions and hence your life. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you’ve experienced this.

When: Saturday February 22nd 2014
Where:- The Yoga Circle, Noosaville
Time:- 1.30pm – 5pm
Cost:- $95

Here’s what one client has said about the practice you’ll be learning:-

“Thanks again, Kara. It is an amazing technique. It was really simple and really powerful, and new, which was surprising given all that I’ve read and learnt about emotions and meditation. I really feel it helps to harness the emotion and gave me the grounded strength to be on the path to healing more quickly. I saw (husband) for the first time last night since the separation, and it seems a reconciliation is in progress.. lots of talking and nurturing to be had for us, but happy days it seems xoxox.” Katherine, Brisbane

Email me now to book your place.

You’ll find more information here on the website and you can email me for further information, workshop details, bookings and payment.

I look forward to helping you to unleash more joy, your joy, the joy that is your natural birthright.

With love and JOY,

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